Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Hand Walkers

Well, I finally did the big switcheroo on this Blogger. I like it so far!

I wanted to mention today the NOVA program that will be on tonight on PBS! It looks so very interesting. "Family That Walks On All Fours." It will be interesting to see what the thoughts are on this. Click on the picture or this LINK to watch a preview.

I agree with Geneticist Sean Carroll's suggestion that this problem is related to a "very serious defect in their cerebellum, and they are compensating for that balance problem by walking with the aid of their hands." I definitely don't agree that it's due to resurfacing "ancient genes for quadrupedal-ism" that Turkish scientist Uner Tan suggested. Read more about it at PBS. This looks like it will be an interesting program.

Our Grandchildren are working on living without their Great-Gramma Lela, and especially Tony and Kim. They are remembering all the happy, funny stories about Lela. Thanks for your prayers and thoughts of them. AJ, the youngest of them has announced to his Mom and family, "There will be no more crying, everyone will be happy now." Today, Tony received a letter from his Grandfather in Pennsylvania, he wrote to send a picture of his wife, Tony's other Grandmother who also died this year. While looking at the picture Tony sadly said, "I lost both of my Grandmother's in one year." AJ quickly said, "OH WELL!"

How about that, Juneau was shut down due to snowfall!

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