Saturday, November 04, 2006

Grab, Run, Toss

The sun sets, a jet zooms off to a warm, sunny place.

The moon has already been up for a while.

Fluffed up little birds.

Once again I am in awe of these little birds! Each winter I watch them. Birds that stop by my birdfeeder in the summer are managing to keep warm in this awful, deep freeze!

I don't even want to open my door to the cold but my little dog never did learn how to go out and do his business without me tagging along. Every day, out we go, early in the morning, both of us. I ask him sometimes, "When are you going to get big and do this by yourself?" He gives me that comical sideways glance and seems to say, "Come on and stop yer bellyachin'!"

We have a routine going on with him lately. He steals Chevy's bones, dogfood or toys. Marie got Chewy a big bone when I was away and on the Houston/London trip. It was filled with marrow. The bone is too big for Chewy to get the last little bit of marrow out. He can't chomp through the thick bone and his tongue is too short to lick what is left! He can barely keep a grip on it when he carries it around in his mouth. He drops it and it makes a lot of racket hitting the tile floor.

I get tired of picking up that bone and setting it out of the way all day, so I will toss it out and hope that Chevy will crack it open and get that little treat out. Turns out it's too big even for Chevy! So Chewy continues to find it, grab it, and run with it.

Chevy will chew on it a while then get bored with it and leaves it right where we walk Chewy. Chewy finds it and after I have told him "No!" several times, he thinks he is being sneaky when he grabs it and runs lickety-split to the door. Like I won't notice this deviation from the usual trying to get him to come back inside with me and right now! He gives me that sideways glance, grabs the forbidden fruit bone then runs! I let him have his way for a while.

Each time this happens I giggle. He is so funny! So after a few more loud cracks on the tile floor, I toss it out again.

I asked myself what am I thinking I am getting away with when I try to grab at stuff I don't need cluttering up my life or my thoughts? Borrowing from tomorrows troubles. Worries. Fears. Desires for more than I need. Self-pity. Neglecting Bible study.

Over and over. I grab, I run, He picks up and He tosses.

Once again, I grab, I run with it-- I stumble, I pray ---- Lord, help me to resist evil.

"I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly." John 10:10

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