Saturday, November 18, 2006

Good Memories

I enjoyed today very much. Marie, Karla, Calli and I went to Anchorage today to check out the Craft's Emporium being held at the William A. Eagan Civic and Convention Center. Two floors of crafts! Across the street in the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts, there were four more floors of crafts. It was fun to be together and interesting see all the handworks that have been created in the year since we were last here.

We walked and walked and then I got so hungry! Finally we stopped by Starbucks on Fifth Avenue for coffee and a goodie! Calli and I had a huge, chewy, gingerbread cookie and Marie and Karla had a very good cranberry treat. Not the same, but both had cranberries in them. I had hot chai and it was delicious!

Good memories were made today out Christmas shopping and then even dinner at Garcia's in Eagle River. We missed Kim though, she was not feeling well so she could not come with us.

Tony did a very good job giving the eulogy at his Grandmother's memorial which was held in her brothers vacant home on Friday. Many showed up to honor Lela. Tony shared stories about Lela that made us all laugh. Other friends and family also shared what she meant to them. Afterwards, we all ate together. I know this was a good time for Lela's family and I am glad I was able to go and listen to the good memories others have about her.

You will be missed, Lela.

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