Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Costumes & Dinner

Here is a slideshow of our Grandchildren's costumes.

Every year Kim has created awesome costumes. She even sews! (Without a sewing machine too!) Karla's boys costumes were cool fun to see too.

Great job dressing up the kids, Girls, I loved seeing them and appreciated all your hard work.

I am so busy today. I decided to have the bunch up to the Lake for dinner. I asked my daughters to bring salad or carrot sticks/celery sticks.

I found a delicious blog yesterday while trying to find a crowd-size recipe for pumpkin pie. Our Patisserie. I have so much fresh pumpkin from the jack-o-lantern to use up. I found a recipe there and I already put a link to their blog on my list of Blogs that I Visit. I just made the whipped topping for their recipe named My Favorite Pumpkin Pie. Take a peek and drool. I made two pans of it today and also a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.

I just made the dough for pizza and have to chop and slice the toppings and the mozzerella cheese is already grated. I will serve root beer floats too. Klint and Calli are bringing the ice cream and Kris got the root beer. Seems like a lot of work... but Doug is worth it!

It will be a fun evening. Most everything is done, 'cept maybe I should sweep the floor...

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Marie VW said...

I think that was the best pizza I have ever had.. and the pumpkin pie was awesome! Thanks mom!