Monday, November 27, 2006

Christmas is Showing Up

Christmas is making a showing around here. I am looking forward to the merry lights beginning to flicker in the neighbors, friends and shopping areas. People that totally go all out and get those lights hung up all over their house and yard are amazing to me. Bravo! That is a lot of work and I for one love to look when you are done.

Hopefully all your lights will still work once they are hung up. My daughter called to tell me that they worked hard and got their icicle lights hung on their new home then plugged them in; they lit up for a few seconds then they were off. After thinking that all the strands were faulty they did figure out that it was just one little burned out bulb. One little bulb equaled one big dismay.

Little lights, big trees.

Little boys, big trucks.

Little girls, big eyes.

Little packages, big dreams.

Little Babe, big salvation.


Marie VW said...

Nice pictures! I like your little poem at the end.

Constance said...

I hauled in the Christmas decorations from the shed today! What a job that is! We're supposed to get bad weather (at least for Texas) overnight. I cancelled my house for tomorrow and will begin decorating! Yipee!