Friday, November 24, 2006

Burp! (excuse me)

Karla's beautiful table setting.

Ashlee's pie statement!

The progressive dinner went well yesterday and we played games until just about midnight. It was fun! Great food and great people always the makings for a very fun day. Ashlee's picture above said it all --for all of us ---when she totally enjoyed the pies I slaved over on Saturday! Karla shared her opinion of the desserts as she taste tested each one. "Melts in your mouth" to "not so sweet that you could not sit down and eat the whole pie if you wanted to" to "I think this one is my favorite...well...let me taste that again"

Kim prepared deviled eggs, cheese and crackers, Calli made bread with cheese and cucumbers, and Karla even brought over some of her family famous ham and cheese dip as we started the afternoon of at Kim and Tony's. (I forgot to take pictures.) Off to the DeLong's we all went for the Thanksgiving dinner complete with all the fixings, prepared by us all. Like we planned, we ended the day out at The Lake.

All afternoon --and like everyone else that was celebrating Thanksgiving Day in the USA, none of us could eat much of anything before we were just too full for another bite.

Here are some cards I purchased while out at the Crafts Festival last week. "Poppy Fields", "Help with the Mukluk", and "Fireweed, Alaskan Summer." They are prints from original watercolors by Marlene Anderson. I thought they were so cute! The fireweed painting is beautiful! I purchased her "Chickadees and Wildroses" notecards last year.

You can see more of her work at her website including limited edition reproductions, more notecards, quilted wall hangings, and even cross stitch patterns! Marlene Anderson

One sad thing... poor Marie is sick. I suspect strep throat, the back of her throat is all white. She will get tested tomorrow...

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