Wednesday, November 01, 2006


It was a very good year.

1952 was a leap year.

In January Algeria had a sudden heavy snowfall. Algeria is in Africa and I was not aware that they even get snowfall. Must get it in the mountains.

February 6, 1952, three queens mourning the death of King George VI. Queen Elizabeth then became the reigning Queen in Britain.

Also in February, Florida got hit with their earliest recorded tropical storm on the 2nd, it was also the earliest formation of a tropical storm on record.

March 4, 1952 ---Ronald Reagan married Nancy Davis in a simple wedding ceremony near Los Angeles. William and Ardis Holden their only witnesses. Great website of Reagan information. United States Senate ratified a peace treaty with Japan on the 20th.

April 23, there was a nuclear test done in the Nevada desert. A lot of stuff going on with peace treaties and diplomatic relations formed with Japan, not only with USA but China and West Germany.

May 3, Joseph O. Fletcher and William P. Benedict land a plane at the geographic North Pole, both of them U.S. lieutenant colonels.

June 5, Remains of a viking ship is found near Boston Massachusetts also on the 15th "The Diary of Anne Franks" was published.

July 19 - August 3, Summer Olympic Games are held in Helsinki. UFO's!! July 19 - July 26, Washington D.C. "buzzed" by several UFOs tracked on multiple radars. Jets were scrambled on several occasions and objects took evasive action only to return after the jets left the area. Read more about that interesting story. On the 21st a 7.5 earthquake at Tehachapi, California.

August 11, Jordanian King Talal is forced to resign due to mental illness, his son Hussein of Jordan becomes King.

September 2, first open heart surgery perfomed at the University of Minnesota by two doctors - Lillehei and Lewis. Thick smog in London, England on the 4th caused 4,000 fatalities!

October 8, three train crash killed 110 in Harrow, England.

November 1st the first hydrogen bomb "Mike" is successfully detonated in the Marshall Islands.

November 2, the first son of John and Jan VanWingerden was born. He was the little guy that had his first breaths of air on this day in 1952. He was born to change my life until I die. 1952 was so much a very good year for me! Happy Birthday Doug, I love you.

December 4, another killer smog descends on London, The Great Smog of 1952. This lasted until December 9 and caused or advanced the death of thousands. This began these modern enviromental movements: Clean Air Acts of 1956 and of 1968, also the City of London Act of 1954.

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Marie VW said...

Very interesting! Happy Birthday Dad!

akeskileut said...

Happy Birthday Doug!

Constance said...

Hey there, wishing Doug a happy birthday today! I enjoyed reading the newsy update from that day! Has Doug's hand healed? Not that that stopped him from playing!