Sunday, October 22, 2006

Working On Making My Choices

Why would someone spend so much time building this website? The Political Graveyard. Why do we want to know where politician's are buried?

I found the site when I was checking on the candidate's running for elections here in Alaska. I should know more than what their names are as seen along side of the roads before I vote.

In church this morning a guy running for a State Senate seat here came in and sat in front of us. He seemed to know Doug so I thought he must be a co-worker of Doug's from his previous workplace. But, Doug met him when he got to go on a trip to Juneau to meet and talk to the politicians which was paid for by his workplace.

I have a nephew who is very interested in the political scene. He belongs to the States/Men website on the links. I try to be informed about things that very likely will affect my daily living, but I have to admit that following the lives of politicians and what they stand for, is very boring to me. I do vote all the time. I don't like to read or keep up with what all those laws that are always being made are and what it all means to me. I especially don't want to keep track of where those elected officials may be buried!

Anyway, why do they keep making more laws? We are free aren't we? No we aren't! We think we are free. It's sad! I think those politicians should make a law to not make any more laws---but they know they would be out of a job then - wouldn't they?

If any Country's people will do God's will - share the Gospel with a dying world - that Country will be blessed - no matter who gets elected into office. If a Country does not do that - that Country won't be blessed - no matter who gets voted into office. That is what I think... I don't have a verse for that though, but it makes sense to me.

Here's a website on the Alaska candidate's.

I can remember seeing Sarah with her little ones at the airport waiting to pick up her husband the same time as I was waiting to pick up my husband from work on the NOrth Slope. Sarah Palin! I like her and I like how she ran things for the City of Wasilla. I like her and I think she would do a very good job no matter what her opponents say about her. She will be a very good new governor.

It is cool that she does not say bad stuff about her opponent even though he does. I hope she continues to do that throughout the remainder of this awful time of elections. I get so tired of seeing political ads, but I never get tired of seeing Sarah! Even NRA likes her! That will impress my husband...

Tony Knowles is also running against her and so far I hate his t.v. ads. I remember seeing Tony and his smile at one of my kids soccer games. That's enough about him and that's about the extent of my political endurance.

Before I get buried here in too much... I think I will read the elections booklet we got in the mail instead. Hopefully before it's time to vote again. [sigh]

[subliminal message]Are you prepared to vote?[end of subliminal message]

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