Monday, October 02, 2006

A Little Good News Today

After hearing of yet another shooting in a school I join the rest of the this world in wondering why? I read the stories of Colorado, the Amish school and one other before I decided I am going to find some good news stories today.

Neighbor Catches Baby! We all need such a great neighbor. Wow! What a terrifying time that had to be. Seeing this baby hanging and then when she fell to actually catch her! Thanks to Mary and Brandon Bussey!

Cool Weather Helps California. Finally, the wildfires in California are close to being fully contained and that comes from cooler weather! Thank the LORD for cooler weather. It is 95% contained and firefighters hope that it will be fully contained by this evening. (Monday.) Even more good news from California when two pilots in a helicopter, picking up fire retardant, crashed and they both walked away without injuries! Thanks to California's firefighters for their tremendous work to put out those wildfires.

Americans Share Nobel Prize in Medicine. Something I don't really understand but it appears to be a big thing in medicine. "RNA interference - gene silencing by double-stranded RNA." This discovery can eventually lead to new therapies in the future. Congratulations to Andrew Z. Fire and Craig C. Mello for their discovery. They both also gained 1.4 million dollars for their discovery and winning the Nobel Prize for Medicine/Physiology.

Sandals are on Sale! No other explanations needed! Shop 'til you drop!

Looks like shunsine tomorrow! YIPPEEE! We (Big Lake area) have not had very much sun the past week.

Teens from Bethel, Alaska work to break cycle of violence. The way that TAAV (Teens Acting Against Violence) feels violence can be broken is by communication. They have produced a video called "Let's Talk" which they demonstrate emotional and physical abuse. They offer tips on getting out of relationships that this type of violence is going on in. I am always happy to hear of young people getting involved with work like this. Alcohol is such a contributer to violence here in Alaska and I am sure all over the world. Great job to you, Bethel teenagers!

170+ Volunteers Clean Up! These volunteers have helped to clean up 730 acres of park lands at the National Public Lands Day at Campbell Creek Science Center. These trails are used by more than 80,000 visitors a year! Wow, so 170 volunteers is a small return of gratitude. Like the Bible story, 10 were healed, but only one returned to say thanks. Shame on us. I think we all should carry a trash bag into parks and pick up stuff we see as we go. I also say, turn around before you leave and look where you picnicked or played to see if it looks better than when you arrived. Big thank you to Anchorage's 170+ clean-up volunteers, it's usually a thankless job!

Road Construction Season almost to an end. Yippee! Even if I don't drive much, I know lots of you do. It's a happy day when the road building takes a break for winter. BTW, I heard in London the ladies holding the Stop and Go Slowly signs are called "lollipop girls". Isn't that cute? Big thank you to all those lollipop girls/boys and road builders for working to keep us moving and safe!

Prince Lorenzo Borghese, the newest Bachelor. I thought this show was on NBC but it's on ABC! I love watching this show and it starts tonight for those of you who also enjoy watching it. I guess I am a romantic at heart and this guy is also a PRINCE! The only thing I never liked on the Bachelor shows is the gals that are overly kissy and touchy and the bachelor that enjoys that too much! After all, he is looking for a wife and who wants a guy that has kissed so many girls??? I wouldn't. LOL But maybe I am old fashioned. ---Now if I can just remember to watch it!

Woman slams door on aggressive coyote. I am glad this Pennsylvania couples dogs have had their rabies shots.

Screaming Phone! I have heard you can protect your computer with passwords if stolen, but a phone that screams when stolen is so funny!

The Best Good News of all! The Good Shepherd (Jesus Christ) died for you and you can be ready for Heaven!

Good news! Good news!
Christ died for me!
Good news! Good news!
If I believe,
Good news, good news,
I'm saved eternally!
that's wonderful EXTRA!!! Good! News!
(Child Evangelism Fellowship)

Yesterday we went up to Boulder Creek with a bunch of kids. The youngest one was Hollie, she loved being out there. We traveled over 30 miles on our bikes and we ended up in a ravine with the guys all looking up a hill like ... Shall we? I am sorry, I was a party pooper. I would not let Doug go up that hill. It was fun afternoon, but I am so sore today!

Yesterday we also had our first service in our new church building! What a great service. Pastor Kroon said he could mention names of people that have contributed to the church building (we are a head of schedule!) but ---this first Sunday was dedicated only to our Lord Jesus Christ. It was so good!

Go out and make it a good day!


mrsjojo said...

Thanks for sharing all the good news and the best news of all because of Jesus!!

Constance said...

Today is Friday and your brother is in my prayers as he has his surgery today.

Connie Marie said...

Thanks you two!