Thursday, October 12, 2006

Don't Steal The Glory!

Last night I had a dream about two missionaries that passed on already.

In my dream I was serving them dinner on the deck of our back porch. I don't know what I was serving but they were enjoying the lovely evening and the view of the lake.

The problem I was dealing with in my dream was I felt that they were cold, so I asked them if they were. Both were just as sweet to me as I remember them being when they spoke to me in this life. They said that they were fine, but I didn't think so. Maybe I was a little bit cold? I've heard it said that when Momma is cold then the children will be told to put on their sweaters.

In my dream I was so busy trying to find something to put over their shoulders that I was missing all the time to visit with them. Finally, I found some towels(?). I went back out to the deck while I laid the towels on them I realized that they were damp! They said that they didn't mind.

Frustrating dream.

My first memories of this couple were from my parents home when he used to come over to share a singing time and a short inspirational devotional from the Bible. My Dad loved to play his guitar and have the family sing along with him. Afterwards, they would visit and drink coffee.

Doug and I got married and shortly after that we moved to Juneau for a summer job. It could have been longer than a summer but because I was pregnant with twins and the hospital in Juneau did not feel they were set up to deliver twins during that time, they sent me to Anchorage! I was happy to go back to Anchorage! Our Juneau memories are not very good for us ---as a couple.

This missionary couple very graciously took me in when I had no where else to go. My parents and Doug's parents were not around. Mine were out in the village at that time and Doug's moved out of the State! I had to be close to the hospital so I could not stay in Chugiak (my parents home) where a ride to the doctor would be next to impossible to get, if the babies decided to come. So, I stayed with them for a week and quietly watched how they lived at home.

When I think of people that are worthy of remembering or people that have been instrumental in giving me focus in my life I realize that most are missionaries. I am happy about that. First Sunday School teacher was Violet Able. Person that wrote to me and was there to be the first to celebrate my decision to follow Christ was Rose Nabinger. When I think of who it was that counseled me and showed me how to make the Bible relevant to my daily life - it was Carol Cypert. Doug's parents were missionaries and if they weren't Doug and I probably would never have met! And when I think about Don & Lorene Stump - they showed me gracious giving. Giving whatever they had, which was not much, but the love they shared while giving made it worth so much more.

At Don Stump's funeral many said that Don would always say "don't steal the glory." All glory should go to God --- he didn't want any praises to be wasted on himself for anything that he did.

I enjoyed my dream last night, 'cept for the goofy towels, and I enjoyed seeing Don and Lorene again.


Marie VW said...

That was really nice mom!

akeskileut said...

I'm so thankful they were there for you :-)

Constance said...

I love it when I have a pleasant dream. I hate to wake up because it leaves me with such a wonderful feeling! One of the most pleasant dreams I ever had was after my grandmother passed away 6 years ago. e were extremely close, she helped in raising me. I dropped everything and travelled abck to St Louis to see her in the hospital when she was near the end. She died an hour before we were supposed to leave for our family vacation to Canada. Although I had the comfort of her being a Believer and in the arms of Jesus, I missed her so bad! 2 nights later, while lying in the bed in our cabin, I woke up from a dream. In it, my grandmother was the age she would've been when I was born. Shw was smiling, glowing and looked radiant! She never said a word, she didn't have to! It was like a message for me to see that she was in heaven; it was a wonderful place and her life of trials and suffering were over. I hated waking up from that dream! It's actually my very last memory of my time spent with her, not our visit in the hospital. I consider it a gift!