Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Am I Repeating Myself?

I was wondering if I've shown these pictures already when I began the upload.

We had a bit of ice this morning! We have seen ice on the pond, but now here it is... hanging out on the lake most all day today!

I don't really care to be heading into another winter. Nature must agree because this picture I took today looks sadder than the ones I took about a week ago. (The golden pictures above.)

Ah well! Let's get on with it! I thought we were supposed to get snow?


akeskileut said...

I like your pictures, I haven't seen these before. I like the first
I was really studying your second picture....I thought when I first glanced at it ,those were swans..but then I clicked it to look at it closwer..hehe ,no they aren't swans...but leaves..hehehe!

Connie Marie said...

lol They are lily pads!

Constance said...

My SIL told me that they are expecting 4-16" of snow in Denver, you're seeing ice already and we're supposed to hit 80 degrees today! I really wish Fall would settle in and stop these long, lingering look backs for summer!

akeskileut said...

Yeah I thought they were lily pads..hehe!