Thursday, October 26, 2006


So! AFN (Alaska Federation of Natives) left Anchorage last year to hold their meetings up in Fairbanks ---because they felt that Anchorage did not want the business thier conference brought to the City of Anchorage. I don't know the details but whatever it was - it was enough to have the whole 2005 convention scoot on up to Fairbanks.

It turns out that Anchorage now wants them back! Something like five million dollars (?) worth of business was lost when they took their meetings up to Fairbanks. I find that hard to believe. Five million is a lot of money!

Villagers are talking about how there are no jobs and with hunting and subsistence regulations the way they are some people hardly have food enough to eat. The high price of fuel is another problem for ones way out in the Bush. How five million can be made from this group makes me scratch my head.

Anyway, I had to laugh when I heard on NBC's morning news show that Anchorage welcomes AFN back and they are bending over backwards to accomadate them. Free train and bus rides and the Eagan Convention Center free this year, in hopes that it will encourage them to return next year during AFN time! It looks like AFN hopping up to Fairbanks last year was a great move for AFN!

"It's not about politics, it's about food on the table," said Johns (Ken Johns of AHTNA) speaking about the subsistence issues. Read more at KTVA.

The Quyanna Dance was held tonight! I am not political enough to get all rambunctious over the politics, but I have enjoyed going to AFN to see family.

The AFN delegations all sit in groups according to their village Corporations. We walk along until we see family at the Koniag and the Old Harbor Corporation areas. The Arts & Crafts fair is where you can see many of the handcrafts from the villages. Beautiful work.

Looks like another AFN is off to a great start.


Marie VW said...

So will you be going in to see any of the stuff AFN related?

Connie Marie said...

My personal limo service does not go that far... I would have to outsource and I don't think my static budget would allow that. :-)

akeskileut said...

I've been watching the dancers in the evening on the tv. Today we are going down to the AFN.