Thursday, September 14, 2006

You Scratch My Back...

Relationships with other persons is like the business world. You scratch my back and I'll scratch your back. Reciprocal. It is not the same as what Christian love is. It is a way that comes from the world. Or is it? I'm thinking about the verses - " unto others as you would have them do unto you." "If one would have friends, he himself must be friendly.(My paraphrases.)

Christian love --loves others even if there is no return back-scratches. It is weird to the world, which is busy scratching backs that have already scratched their own.

I sometimes wonder what it would be like to walk physically with Jesus Christ in the world. I realize we have the Holy Spirit to help us. Jesus said that this is better than Him being with us physically, everyday. To actually watch Him with my own eyes is something I long to do. I know it would change my life and how I give or return back scratches.

When I hear of physical abuse going on it makes me angry and makes me want to hurt the abuser. Returning hurt for hurt.

These are things we don't talk about. We hide our fears and our hurts behind smiles and then return to scratching backs that have already scratched our own. Loving those that love us. Hating those that hate us.

My mind is jumbled this morning and I am rambling.

Happy birthday, Mom.

I'm going to go walking.

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akeskileut said...

It was good to chat with you for a bit on the phone..and I was reading your post..I give you a big hug!! Love you sis.