Saturday, September 30, 2006

Oh Brother!

My brothers, Don on the scope and Toby at the window. Don was the one that pulled me out of the wall when I hurt my leg. I don't remember it at all, my memory was all wrong, but that was a story for another post.

Doug came home on Thursday and told me that Don is having hip replacement surgery. Next Friday. Of course, I have been reading all about it online. I pray that this will bring him more mobility and less pain ---that is the whole reason behind having this type of surgery.

I know only one other person that has had hip replacement and the results were not good. He developed a bone infection. I know that any type of bone surgery has a high chance for developing infections, so I pray that Don won't have one.

August 16, 2002, Don was hurt in an explosion at Prudhoe Bay here in Alaska while he was at work. He was burned, broke both his femurs, and his hand. His back, knee, wrist were hurt. His burns were bad on his face, ears, forearms and his left hand. But he healed faster than normal, I believe, because so many were praying for him throughout his ordeal.

No one asked me to do it. No one told me I should learn how to do HTML. I wanted to learn. I studied day and night and then one day I checked online to see if ANNLF had a website. They didn't, so I began to build one. To practice my HTML coding, I told myself. I never knew I would use this knowledge to share information about my brother - online.

When Don was hurt and after I saw him at the hospital so sedated that he did not even respond to our visit, I wondered if he would even make it. As he flew to Harborview Medical Center -Burn Unit in Seattle my heart was so troubled and I prayed for him and his family, then I began to put information about his condition online so that our family could read it.

It was therapeutic for myself. As other people asked about Don I began to tell them to check that website. I posted any new information whenever I got it. Doug began telling his co-workers (also at Prudhoe Bay) to go to the website if they wanted to read Don's latest condition report.

Soon many people were visiting the site daily to read how Don was doing and see pictures that were posted there. Concerned people, even strangers were praying for him. They checked in every day to see if any new news was out about his recovery. Pictures I posted at the site were even used on the evening t.v. news shows as they reported on Don's condition.

I added a Guest Book so that people could leave Don messages online. Don heard from people all over the world and they were praying for him. Cards and messages of encouragement came in. Through it all, God blessed Don with a quick healing.

Now he will have this hip replacement surgery next Friday.

Pray that the physician's will have wisdom as they go in and remove the damaged tissues and then put in the new hip.

Pray that he will not even get one little bit of infection.

Pray that he will heal quickly.


Kevin said...

I know someone who had the surgery, Connie, and he has healed very well. He's also about the same age as Don. We will keep him in our prayers.

When will you join us in leading groups? I feel that you have so much to give, and so much to offer the Lord with your spiritual insight and open heart. I would love to lead a group with you! Think about it! :-)

Kevin said...

By the way, I've enabled the auto post, but I still have to manually enable publishing for my blog. What am I doing wrong?

Connie Marie said...

I am not sure what you mean.

I have to click on Publish Post when I complete writing, that is the way Blogger works. I don't think you are doing anything wrong.

Mr. Kevin, I am not a leader. :-P

I'm happy to hear of the successful hip replacement you know of.

akeskileut said...

Thanks for posting about Don. We will keep him in our prayers.

mrsjojo said...

We will be praying for a successful surgery.

Connie Marie said...


I am thinking you must be using Beta Kevin, I have not switched yet.