Tuesday, September 05, 2006


I am suffering from jet lag. My head is spinning and I can't think very good. Bit disoriented, I think.

The feelings of disorientation encountered as a result of crossing time zones are known as jet lag. Symptoms include fatigue and general tiredness, inability to sleep at night, loss of concentration, loss of drive, headaches and general malaise. Jet-lag occurs when biological rhythms are disrupted as a result of rapid transitions across multiple time-zones. Such desynchronization of rhythms also occurs in nocturnal shift work employees who transfer to night shifts.

A classical rhythm is represented by a sine wave, fluctuations occurring cyclically about a mean value rising to a peak and half a cycle later dropping to a trough. Twenty-four hour rhythms are known as circadian (about a day). An example of a biological rhythm is core temperature. We can find the characteristics of rhythms using the mathematical technique of cosinor analysis to determine the mean, the peak, the amplitude, and the time the peak occurs (the acrophase). Jet Lag symptoms and treatment.

I decided that I am on a quest to encourage as many people that have to fly a long ways ---fly first class if you can! Oh my word, what a difference it makes to fly first class! Especially if you are flying across the ocean! The chairs from Anchorage to Houston, TX were bigger and we had more room, the food was excellent, but in Business First (Continental Airlines) when we flew to UK, the service was incredible, the food was satisfying and the chair... the chair was sleep-able!. OUr comfort was their business! Every person should be so blessed to be able to fly like this. It is not just a little better, it is incredibly better to fly Business First (Continental Airlines). See the chair here.

I don't see my husband suffering with jet-lag like I am and I tried to look up why we suffer from jet lag and tried to read it but my mind would not compute. Maybe he sleeps more in between flights than I do. He loved the chairs on the flights to and from London.

We had so much room around us. The chair lays back into an almost bed-like position so we could actually sleep. I never sleep on planes but when I flew there I slept! Traveling BusinessFirst was a first time experience for me. I loved it.

So far, I have two suitcases unpacked and have seen most of my family already. Yesterday we even went out moose hunting! My voice got all croaky by 4 p.m. like I was up late at night and I forgot my body has been on London time for 8 days. It was 1 a.m. in London when I began feeling the results of lack of sleep.

So I say, I am back in Alaska and we are back safely too! Saw many, many people from all over the world and I hope this feeling I am having is not a flu because it feels kind of like it.

You know what? Alaska is sure a beautiful place!


Constance said...

Hey! I thought I saw that picture of Doug before! He's always got a smile on his face! Glad you're back safe & sound!

Kerri said...

I'm glad you made it back home safely. I hope that your body re-adjusts quickly!

akeskileut said...

Welcome back and home you get over the jet lag..hugs