Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I have a serious case of spider creepy crawlies going on here tonight. I have been noticing a lot more spiders the last week or so and I think it's because it's cooler now and they are moving slowly out of sight rather than getting out of sight before I see them.

Doug has been bring wood to the porch so maybe that is why I am seeing a lot more of them on the deck. I was out there with him yesterday and saw this big spider crawling on the ceiling of the deck. Big, orange-colored, ugly thing with a puffy, puckered looking back.

I remember a nightmare I had when I was a little girl. I saw a spider in the corner of the room and it began to crawl towards me and as it did it kept getting bigger and bigger until it just loomed over me. I think I had a fever so that must have been a sick dream!

I know this spider problem will just keep getting worse until they finally freeze--- because they can find all the spots in this log house that is leaking warm air out. They just zero in on the warmth then wiggle on in like it's their own welcome to my home porch!

TOnight, I was getting some work done and printing out flyers when my son Klint stopped by. I went downstairs to show him the jewelry I had created for a bridal fair that Karla will be participating in. After visiting a bit, he left and I took my little dog out to go potty.

I didn't go very far because it's DARK outside! I am still used to it being daylight when I go outside at night and I hate it gets dark earlier in the fall. I am pretty positive that I can feel all sorts of creepy crawlies out there hanging from the ceilings and from the trees! So I says, "Go potty here! Chewy!" After he finally quits peeing, I jerked his leash towards me and we hurried back in.

I am always checking the floors as I walk around my house and that is when I noticed that right where I was standing at the table talking to my son there is a big ol' smooshed spider on the floor!

EWWWWWWWWWWW! I groaned, as I looked down at my bare feet!

I'm going to bed!!!!!


Constance said...

EWWWW is right! I remember asking the kids one time: What's worse than find ing a worm in your apple? Finding HALF of a worm in your apple!" Ha Ha!

Down here it doesn't get cold enough to kill of a lot of the bugs so we might still be dealing with ants and spiders even in the Wintertime. I have good ol' Adams Exterminating out here every 3 months or else the fire ants and cockroaches would set up permanent housekeeping! Since they've been out here, no more Black Widows! (And that's a good thing!)

Connie Marie said...

A friend of my daughter Marie got married and moved to South Carolina and in their apartment they had a black widow that actually laid her eggs and the young ones were getting ready to move out when she found them. I was happy to hear that they got rid of them before they became a big problem inside their home. I watched a documentary on black widows and I am so glad they don't like Alaska!

While we were in Texas I had noticed that the ants have to hide during the day when the hot sun is shining on the patio blocks around the pool, then they come out in the shady parts and later in the evening. That was different for us since the ants are in their glory during our sunny days up here.

Keep spraying Connie!!!!!

Kerri said...

And that, my friend, is another good reason for me to keep my socks on while walking around my house!