Thursday, August 24, 2006

Waiting Patiently

(Picture was taken flying out of Seattle, Washington.)

I see on that at home they are still getting lots of rain, at least in the Valley where we live.

After we got down here we heard that there has not been much rain in the Houston area and that they needed more to replenish their water supplies. We were excited to watch a lightning storm here that brought lots of rain that night and most of the next day. Lately in Alaska there have been more lightning storms but not like what we saw down here! We turned off the room lights, opened up the drapes and ooo'ed and awe'd over each flash of light. So much power there! Too bad it cannot be caught and saved! Figure out a way to stick a tall lightning-grabbing rod to our electric cars then ---zap and thunder--- charged batteries!

Sarah Palin (YIPPEEE) is doing good in the political races so far! I was happy to read that in USA Today. We voted Absentee before we left Alaska. I have not heard if Ballot Measure 2 passed or failed yet.

I have been enjoying Omni Hotel's pool-side here. I almost burned myself being out there too long on Tuesday! Doug is in meetings all day and when he gets out wants to be outdoors too. Yesterday we went down to the pool and he went swimming and then fell asleep out in the evening sun while I waited for him and watched ants crawling all around the patio blocks. It is so nice to be warm! The ants can't be out during the day, the blocks are too hot, so they come out in the evening.

I brought two beading projects with me to work on while I wait for Doug each day but I still have not even touched them. I have enjoyed being in this luxury hotel very much!

Yesterday I sort of had to wait a while for Room Service to get my pizza up here. First I was positive they forgot my order. I called them after I had been watching a movie and noticed that it had been over an hour since I called them. My tummy was reminding me of the time by then too! I called and asked, "So how's that pizza coming along?" She says, "Just about done, M'am, it will be on it's way up in about 15 minutes." Quiet as I looked at the time. "15 minutes?" "Yes M'am." "Well, it's getting so close to dinner I am going to cancel the room service order." "Do you want to talk to the manager, or will you wait another 15 minutes?" I just could not give up the thought of eating that hot pizza. "Okay, I will wait."

I got busy reading, emailing and surfing. (I love having my computer here with me.) Soon my tummy knocks and says, "Hell- LOW????" I checked the time. "My word! It's been over two hours!" Just about that time the Food Service MANAGER calls, "Hello M'am, did you order pizza?" I very cooly, calmly and collectedly said, "Yes, over two hours ago." "We are so sorry," he began, "first we lost your order then we lost your room number and then the girl says she knows your last name began with "V" so we started calling guest rooms."

Anyway! I finally got pizza, free. I also got a free complimentary breakfast.

So, I get a free breakfast this morning --- all for waiting so patiently.


akeskileut said...

How exciting to see the lightning,I wish I could see it.!!
Well I'm so glad your patience paid off. How was the pizza?
Hi to Doug.

Connie Marie said...

Yes! Pizza was very good. I ordered breakfast this morning and it was here before I could even wash my face, so I had to open the door with the face cream on, hehehe.

I thought about you when we watched the lightning ((((((ahka)))))

Constance said...

That must've been about the same time we were getting our storms up here in dallas. We need the rain desperately. I'm probably spending hundreds of dollars on my water bill just to keep some Sprawl Mart plants alive!!! I hope that pizza was worth it! I'm not the patient type at all. I'm glad one of us is enjoying this heat & humity! After *40 days of 100+ degrees this summer, I'm ready for Fall!!!

Constance said...

When you said you almost burned yourself sitting out too long, what was that? Maybe 10 minutes? I get sunburned while I'm out working in the yard after about 10 minutes!