Monday, August 14, 2006

Anchor Point

The three in my life that have been racing had a State Moto-cross meet in Anchor Point this past weekend, so we drove down South and had a fun but cold, drizzly few days there.

Since it was soooo cold and drizzly I didn't venture very far from our RV for pictures. I am sure Blogger will thank me for not uploading a bunch of new pictures for this post. Klint and Alexis raced but Kris still is out due to his broken wrist. Klint continues to get experience on the tracks and still is quite new to racing but was more agressive for the last race of the weekend and came in seventh out of nineteen in the 125 Novice division. Poor Alexis machine broke down for the first race and for the rest of the day she rode a bike that was loaned to her. We were thankful for her, but she was bummed not to be on her own bike.

Anchor Point is only twenty miles from Homer and is set in another beautiful area of Alaska. This community even has a website! Homer Racing Lions have a website too.

After the races on saturday we all took a drive out to the Homer Spit. I always love that ride and if we had time we would have walked the beaches.

The unrest in the Middle East is troubling; I am aware that these unsettling things must happen before the return of Jesus Christ. It's easy to get caught up in our own daily lives and forget to pray for the peace of Israel, but we must. I wish that this war and all wars could be over now, but I know that this won't happen until Christ Jesus returns and makes things as they were before willful sin entered into the story.

As Christians we need to be ready to die, or to meet Jesus Christ in the clouds. I have never been sure enough to say what I believe about the rapture, whether it is be pre-tribulation, mid or even post. I am inclined to believe that we won't go though the tribuation because I believe God always saved His remnant (Stories in the Bible, Noah, Lot, the stories of the Exodus, etc.) before he brings judgement to the rest of the world, so I am kind of inclined to believe that Believer's in Jesus Christ's death and resurrection will leave in the middle of the tribulation, with the Holy Spirit. I believe that when we do leave things on Earth will get so much worse, because the Holy Spirit is restraining evil forces right now. It could be worse, and one day it will be worse. This is not a war against flesh and blood, it is a spiritual war.

Here is a website related to stories in the news that is interesting. Rapture Ready News.

It's midnight now (in more ways than one!) and I need to hit the hay!

By the way --- if you don't know if you are a Believer (Christian) please read this website -"How Does A Person Get To Heaven?" or else type "How to be saved" in Google. There are so many websites with good information but you need to read the Bible for yourself too! Know for sure where you stand spiritually - now - and may God help you to understand His eternal love for you!

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