Friday, July 07, 2006

Galloping Glacier

We stopped for lunch at this look-out point and Doug used the binoculars to check for wildlife, specifically for bison. Bison (buffalo) are roaming wild in this area. A herd has been observed from this vantage point by others but we were not so fortunate. According to the Milepost bison do not have trouble with predators so occasionally there is a hunting season on bison to keep their numbers in control.

Barely noticeable in the background is the Black Rapids Glacier. I've read that glaciers sometimes will "gallop" and advance very quickly for a short period of time. This glacier was called the Galloping Glacier in 1936-1937 when it advanced down into the valley to within 1/2 mile of the Richardson Highway. It moved forward about three miles in three months! Since it's predicted that these types of glaciers do this in 60 year cycles they are expecting it to go again sometime soon. I thought all of our glaciers were melting away!

Here we are, a family shot in front of the Alaska Range. You can barely see a glacier. It was hot for us... 75 F.


Kerri said...

75 is hot! I'm glad it didn't get that hot for us down here.

I've seen glaciers in Juneau and Haines, but not since high school (here you go again, making me feel old!).

Sometimes I want so badly to live on the mainland of Alaska so I can see all of the wonderful things this beautiful state has to offer. I'm glad I can come to your blog and see it from my comfy computer chair. :o)

Constance said...

Neat pictures, I'm so jealous!!! One day I will get to Alaska and see your wonderful state first-hand for myself. Have fun salmon dipping, whatever that is? Is it fishing?

akeskileut said...

Welcome back home ((Sis)).
I like your post. Sounds like you are having a wonderful summer so far..I enjoy reading where or what you and your family are up to.