Thursday, July 27, 2006

25 Years!

Been messing with the code on this blogger. I noticed that things are not right here and can't figure out what it is. I think Blogger is having some major problems. I notice that when I try to upload a picture it does not appear to have been uploaded but when I type in the code it has been uploaded, this editor is just not adding it to the Create New Post box! I may end up changing everything on this blog. But right now, I will leave it and share what's up around here.

Doug (my husband) took a new job and will be joining the daily Valley commuters going to Anchorage for work. This is new for us. He began working away from home when Klinton was four months old. That was a tough one as I never had been alone so much coming from a family with ten kids!

We adjusted. Both of us did. Doug continued on because before being considered for that job he had been laid off and out of work long enough for us to humbly walk into a government office to ask for help. (Which was quickly done!) Our house was in pre-foreclosure and we had no where else to turn for help. I believe this all happened before the days of the benevolent fund being offered to people like we were in those days at our church. We thankfully, had the occassional friends with sensitive hearts who saw our needs and quietly helped us out.

We were so very thankful for the job on the North Slope even though our hearts ached each time he drove off to the airport. I adjusted to being alone and taking care of our four children. Doug went away and came home for 25 years! Now, we are excited about his monday to friday job and working eight to five. He may try to work a schedule where he can get up earlier, work earlier and get home earlier.

Today Doug flies home from work and except for the occasional return trips he has been told he will be taking from time to time on the Slope he will be working home. Coming home for dinner, being home for weekends and we can plan that he will be here for all the holidays. That is just so .... GREAT!!!!

He went to work for the last time up there and the guys he works with (and women too) had dinner with him. He has packed and he is coming home.

One exciting development has occured with this new job; he has been selected to be the man representing his new job's department to attend meetings in Houston, Texas and then on to London, England and ... I get to tag along! I still can't believe that little ol' me will be seeing London bridge soon...Lord willing, of course!

I appreciate all the hard work this guy does and has done for our family and just wanted to say that here. Thanks Doug ---- for everything! Life with you has been .... so good.


akeskileut said...

Congratulations to Doug!!! I wish him the best in his new job..and I'm so glad you will get to tag along with him..woohoo!!!

Kerri said...

Connie, I'm so happy for you and Doug! Michael traveled for work for 6 months and I hated it. I admire you for making it work for 25 years! How exciting that you will be travelling with him. I was wondering why you were thinking about the London Bridge!

mrsjojo said...

congrats for all the excitement in your lives! This is going to be a big adjustment -traveling! How fun is that?!!!! Keep us posted on the places you get to go to.

Constance said...

Wow! I can not imagine having Dave working a schedule like that. Some of my friends who have little kids really struggle with their husbands flying out on business trips all the time. We were fortunate that when the kids were little, Dave rarely had to go out of town, usually a couple of times a year. One would be for Firearms Instructor Training for 2 weeks. Now with his promotion, he's travelling a lot more but the kids are so much older. Laura Lou starts college this month and Charlie will be 16 in Oct.

I remember being in London when I was a kid, a layover to Frankfurt where we'd get on a couple of trains to go see my Omi & Opi. I hope you don't melt when you come to Houston! It's more humid down there since it's closer to the Gulf coast then what we are up here in the DFW Metroplex!