Friday, June 23, 2006

Strange Site

This white cross and what appears to be a grave was seen off of Alascom Road, off of an ATV trail near a lake. It is the first time I have ever seen a grave on a 4-wheeling ride, so it seemed rather strange.

We got back to camp and told the rest of the family and when they heard it all thought it was strange. One of my daughters says that she could see some deranged person burying someone's child back there and with that thought floating around in my head and after the rest of the family left Doug and I to a night alone there -I had a very troubled night with dreams I don't want to remember.

When I woke up Monday morning I immediately decided I should call the Troopers. I called my daughter who was at work by then and asked for the Palmer Police number. I talked to my husband and he left me thinking I probably was over-reacting, then I thought I probably am a silly woman and I didn't call anyone.

So, out there is this grave of something (pet?) of someone (small child?) or maybe part of someone's weird sense of humor (prank?).


Kerri said...

When you mentioned this earlier (while still traveling) I immediately thought like your daughter. I'd probably have nightmares, just like you did. But after seeing the photo, I'm not so sure. Would a deranged person really take the time to make a cross? I honestly can't say what I'd do in your situation. I guess I'm not much help, sorry!

Connie Marie said...

Right! I agree.

Well then, who would make a cross and put it on a grave way out in the middle of nowhere? Maybe--- someone already had it made before going out there?

That thought even gives me more heeber jeebers.

Constance said...

As soon as I saw the picture I had an immediate thought! Here in Texas, there are similiar sights along the highways usually marking where someone has lost their life in some type of auto-related accident. If I were to see that same cross down here, that would be my first reaction! Sadly, more and more of these are showing up on our highways! The saddest is on I-35 close to our house. A 4 year old girl was killed instantly a couple of years ago when an unsecured tire flew out of the bed of a passing pickup truck. She and her family were changing a flat tire and had pulled over to the side of the interstate. Every time I pass her little cross I think of her.

Connie Marie said...

Great idea! I'd like to think that is what we have here.

We also have crosses along our highways too. I never once thought that it could be a marker to a place someone may have had an accident and died there.

I like that Constance! Thanks!

akeskileut said...

I like Constance idea too..marking a place where a loved one may have died.