Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Jodhpur Track at Kincaid Park

We spent some time at Kincaid Park on Sunday. Specifically, the Jodhpur Track at the West end of Diamond Blvd. It was my first time there. We were there to join Kim and the family watch Alexis race her souped up 4-wheeler for the first time! She is in this picture and is # 88.

1500 acres of land in Anchorage which was first used for a military ground-to-air missile site which then became park land in 1978. The southwest border of the park is the former borough car dump, an area now used for motorcross activities.

I read that the Municipality of Anchorage is currently updating the Kincaid Park Master Plan at the MX Alaska website. (This website uploads the winnings of the races held there.) Comments for the motorcross still being allowed in the park are being taken now until their meeting July 29th.

After spending just one day at Jodhpur Track I have to say that I saw so much family activity, working together and care for the participants I feel that this is a good thing. I really believe Anchorage Municipality has a very good thing going for it's citizens and for those that drive clear from Big Lake, Wasilla (us) and other places by providing this place for kids to have a structured racing facility. My vote is to keep it!

When my daughter called and asked if I would sponsor Alexis in Motorcross racing I had major mixed feelings!

"Alexis is going to race???"

"Yes, she is."

Well, I didn't know what to say at first; after thinking about it and talking to Kim about my concerns for Lexie's safety, I realized that no matter if I sponsored her or not, this was going to happen. So, I asked, "How much sponsoring do I need to do to get #1 Grammaloo! put on her bike???


Doug has also sponsored her and is supplying her with Amsoil products.

She has very good protective gear and the Mini Quads are more cute than dangerous. I am not being an ostrich and burying my head in the sand to dangerous situations that she may face but I know Alexis will be sensible while she rides too.

Alexis races in the Mini Quad division. She has a 90cc 4 wheeler which is the same bike that we have watched her ride for a year already. The last time was up in Belanger Pass and she handles the bike really well and carefully too. The biggest problem she encountered over and over was it kept getting clogged up somehow from going too slow. Besides that bike was not made to be taken to all the places we have gone with her riding. Clear to the tops of mountains and deep in the soggy bogs!

She has done very well everywhere, even though she has had a few crashes, I think this is going to be a fun thing for the whole family.

Now we just need to figure out how to get to church and still make it to the races on Sundays!


Anonymous said...
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Kerri said...

That's kind of exciting. :o) I'm glad that you are supporting her!

akeskileut said...

I can understand your concerns and I'm glad you and grampa are supporting her. Good luck Alexis!

mrsjojo said...

Wow!! I wish many years of fun for Alexis! I'm sure she has a lot of fun. It is so nice that there is such a great place for the kids to ride in Anchorage. I hope you can keep your committment to church on Sunday's because of this activity. Is this mostly for the summer months?

Constance said...

That is really awesome!!! I think there are concerns in everything we do, from kids playing football to riding horses. We can't keep them 100% safe even in our own automobiles! Responsible parenting and knowledge go a long way in opening doors and exposing kids to things that bring them enjoyment and self worth! I say, "Go Lexie Go!" and you too Gramaloo!

Connie Marie said...

Hi Jo, yes, it's a summer thing. We have yet to make it to church since going to Lexie's first race.
We only have one race day this weekend, but we have dipping for salmon on our agenda, so not quite sure what that means for sunday service. :-| BUT... we have not forsaken the assembling of ourselves together... we have had church together as a family!