Monday, May 01, 2006

Spots, Moisture or Angels?

This picture is from Saturday when we all took a 4-wheel ride out back. We rode for a long way, not sure the exact miles but I would guess 4 miles one way through a lot of spring-melt-muck. It was fun!

It took many retries and a long time to upload this picture but I wanted you to see something. See the bit of spots in the picture? Not spots on my camera! My daughter Marie tells me "it is moisture in the air!" I prefer to call them "Our Angels!" Angels that are all around us, caring for God's children and keeping them from harm. :-) For those that would try to persuade me that they are not, even if proven, I will consider them reminders of the Angel's God sends for protection anyway!

"Are they not all ministering spirts sent forth to minister for those who will inherit salvation?" Hebrews 1:14

I am still reading "The Biblical Foundations of Freedom, Destroying Satan's Lies with God's Truth" by Art Mathias. I am in chapter six, "The Principality of Self-Bitterness: Unloving Spirits". We purchased this book in February after attending the Native Leadership Gathering where Art Mathias taught us a shortened version of the "I Found Freedom" seminar. Here is more about what I have been reading and thinking about.

His teaching that all bad feelings are actually evil spirits, makes sense to me. I have been thinking that if we can have these spirits about us that are busy causing turmoil in our worlds--- spirit of anger, spirit of jealousy, spirit of resentment, spirit of retaliation, lying spirits we must also have the otherside of the spirit world, the spirits from God---spirit of love, spirit of mercy, spirit of self-control, spirit of kindness, spirit of worship, spirit of truthfulness. All of these spirits play a major part in controlling our thoughts and ultimately our actions and reactions.

We choose to "listen" to spirits attempting to sway our lives making us conform to a life deprived of faith in the God that created us or a life conformed to living in communion with God. Most of the time we never once realize that the enemy of mankind's Creator wins a spiritual battle everytime we live without acknowledging the awesome power and never-ending presence of God!

Life will be more fun without God seems to be a prevalent and unsaid lie whispered in our ears by the enemy of God. This enemy convinced Adam and Eve that God was keeping something wonderful from them by keeping a forbidden to touch tree in the Garden. This tree was there to allow mankind a choice. A choice to believe God's wisdom or to choose to believe their own wisdom (or what they thought was their own wisdom). Their choice to go their own way was made together and we all have been living with the results of to this day. Loss of our freedom and Death. He even convinced 1/3 of heavenly angels (also created with a free-will) that they could be better than God Himself.

When you compare a life time lived acknowledging God to one that believes there is no God, no hope of Heaven, each respective lifestyle is different as night and day.

The choice to know God brings freedom; choosing to allow evil spirits to sway lifestyle develops into a life controlled by chaos and broken relationships. I have seen it in my short ----almost 52 years!

Think about this. Is there freedom in smoking? When a smoker first chose to smoke, he knew Mom and Dad said, "don't smoke" but he/she decides that it's my choice... "I will smoke if I want to!" So they smoke. Now they smoke because they can't stop smoking. Are they free?

I will drink alcohol if I want to drink! Alcoholic. Are they free?

I deserve happiness - I am not happy with my spouse. Adultery. Resulting home life is miserable with suspicious accusations every time they are apart. Are they free? Is the offender even happy?

We can go on and on and on and on and on talking about all the lies we have believed throughout the years here on Earth. Evil spirits do not want you to be free! God made you to be free. God gives freedom. Don't you believe the lie that He takes away our freedoms when we learn about Him! He created freedom! This is the truth.

Life apart from God is not filled with freedom! It is filled with chains. Chains of depression. Anger. Dissatisfaction. No gratitude. Always searching for that missing something! Alcoholism. Nicotine addiction. Bulimia. At the end of it all and in too many lives --- the ultimate loss of freedoms, prison and suicide.

Yep, we all have a right to make our choices and to live as we have chosen. Be certain that you know which spirits have been convincing you. Choices made now will lead to eternal death or life eternal.


Constance said...

I enjoyed the picture as well your post today. You all look like you're having a good time, even the dogs!

Many years ago I read a book titled, "A Woman's Guide To Spiritual Warfare" that was not only interesting but insightful as well. In my family's history there have been numerous lying spirits as well as generational curses.

We've experienced first-hand angels guarding us and keeping us from harm. My mother especially. The trend today is to deify angels, as if they carry the same equality as God and Jesus, which is why Hebrews 1:14 is a good scripture to know!

The last thing Satan wants is for us to experience the liberties and freedoms that a life in Christ brings. "If the Son has set you free, than you are free indeed."

(Mel Gibson in Braveheart"

Connie Marie said...

I just realized that my daughter Karla, her husband, Baby Calvin and our son Kris are not in this picture! Karla and Co. were still coming and Kris left us all way behind when Doug took this picture, so this is not even all of the ones that were out on this muddy trail. Besides the whole family riding/picnic'ing we also had a young couple from church join us too. It was a great day!

I am always happy to remember that God has given us Angel's to care for us each day, but to know that the greatest power of all resides within me always---the gift of the Holy Spirit is very comforting! God is so good.

I have heard that some fallen angels, or demons, are assigned to families and have been following the same family lines down through time. As each generation takes over the previous generation when the older ones pass on, these lying spirits will hang out with the person/persons in each family that are the most open to their presence--either by ignorance or by choice. These spirits are the very same ones that people hear talking when they employ a "medium" while trying to talk to their dead relatives. Of course, the dead relatives cannot come back from the dead and talk to any of us, only the demons can imitate them, even their voices.

We resist a very sneaky enemy, don't we?

Constance said...

Won't it be a wonderful day when satan is vanquished and Jesus is King?!

Do you remember that "Crossing Over" something Edwards guy who claimed he could talk to a dead person and the family members would be in his TV audience? God really opened my eyes to some truth about that guy. That's just another one of satan's deceptions. I noticed that no one ever said, "Hey, I'm burning in hell here, you really should choose Jesus!" There was some other stuff but it's late and I would probably sound like I'm rambling!

akeskileut said...

I started reading the same book that your reading..(((hugs)))..Nice pic of your family or part of the family..looks like fun. I like the thought that those are angels watching over you and us....:-)

Anonymous said...

the teachings of Matthias and Biblical Foundations of Freedom were originally taught by Pastor Henry Wright who is the source of the 10 first chapters. No credit is given for the initial authorship by Matthias. See "A More Excellent Way" and for all of these unabridged teachings which are available on their website for purchase or review.