Monday, May 22, 2006

So Close...

And too close to be comfortable!

It was ten years ago when the Miller's Reach Fire went through this land we live on.

On June 2, 1996, a small wildfire ignited in the Miller's Reach, Alaska area. On June 7th the President signed a Disaster Declaration for the Miller's Reach Fire. By June 15th the fire was considered under control. Approximately 37,366 acres burned and 344 structures were destroyed. Luckily, there were no causalities. State of Alaska Website
I see they report that there was no casualties. I believe one firefighter fell into a fire hole(?) (She was burned but did not die.)

We had another cabin and a few other buildings here that were lost in that fire. Now, our home, cabin and shop are located here --so I am very relieved to see the smoke dwindling. At 7:25 PM it is just about completely out. (At least I do not see anymore black smoke.) Helicopters dropped buckets of water. I could not see the buckets as I have poor eyes, but Doug has better eyes and could see them.

This picture was taken about an hour after I first noticed the plume of smoke. It does not look so very big as it did from my point of view! :-) I wonder how many acres burned?

I've been working in the yard. I planted some gladiola's and begonia bulbs today. So nice to be outdoors again, but I did not like seeing the smoke and went to get a cold glass of water and sat on the deck and just watched until the smoke begin to be more white than black.

It was 75F today. I've been told that our summer is supposed to be dry and hot.

That does not sound comforting to me! I would love it if it would please rain.


akeskileut said...

Josh told me about the fire out that way. I'm sooooo glad they got it and it didn't get out of control. When I heard about the fire, I thought of you guys out there.
I would feel uncomfortable if I knew it was that close to home.

The Lone Beader said...

I have an aunt who lives in Anchorage, but I did not hear of this fire. I'm glad to hear that it is under control....

ilrsqu said...

I am one of the firefighters that was on that fire and there was a firefighter that fell into a hole that was burning, but was able to keep most of her body out of the hole with the branch that happened to not be on fire; she had only one foot on that branch, and she had enough power in her one leg to pull the rest of herself out. She also gives credit to her partner Dave who was their that if it was not for him she may have been worse off just by the comment he made.