Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Bloggers block!


Constance said...

Boy oh boy can I relate! I have so much on my plate right now that I'm blogging vicariously through other bloggers! Ha Ha!

By the way, how are Doug's fingers coming along?

akeskileut said...

I know how that goes, I'll open my site and get ready to post something and I can't come up with anything ,so I'll just close the site and go on to something else..hehe!

Connie Marie said...

Constance, Doug keeps taking off his splint and that worries me because he continues to work hard! Otherwise the actual cut is healed over, just that the tendon that was sewed back on to the bone will take a while to heal and he is growing impatient.

Hey Sis, I finally made a post come-back!

akeskileut said...

I came back :-).
Sounds like you had a wonderful day with family. Not fun about the other crap tho.
Nice pics.
Happy Birthday!!