Monday, May 15, 2006


Happy Mother's Day to all of you wonderful Mom's. I stopped by to see my Mom after church and got a Momma-style hug before my family and I were all taking off on a Mother's Day 4 - Wheel ride in Eklutna Lake State Park. What a beautiful day! This is the first time I have used an ATV in a State Park and I loved it. Saw so many other Mom's out there enjoying their families on 4 wheelers and on bicycles.

I definitely felt the "cold shoulder" from bicycle riders in the park! Against my peaceful loving nature I decided I will make a comment about that. It is not only on the highways that bicyclists appear to claim more rights than they safely should but they appeared to have that same annoying attitude in the parks too.

My opinion of bicylists continues to plummet due to recent unsolicited blogger comments and by encountering bicyclists on the highways. (I was going to say, by running into them on the highways, but...) Nevertheless, while in the pursuit of having the best Mom's Day yet, I still waved and smiled at them while we passed each other on the ATV trail in the park. Yep, on the ATV trail, some of them were not even on their own bicycle trail there either!

Alaska should stop wasting money on paving over the ATV trails to make bike trails--we are willing to share our ATV trails! Bicylists need to be a little more thankful to your fellow trail riders. ATV's may be dusty but they are the reason there are even bike trails anywhere anyway! Besides all the now-paved ATV trails along the highways (complete with ATV's Not Allowed signs) we figure that the road into Eklutna Lake was probably blazed in by those daring ATV riders too! The only thing that makes seeing our ATV trails turned into paved bike paths agreeable is that joggers and Momma's pushing their sweet babies use them. I would pay for that willingly! But more bike paths? No, they have enough that they don't use!

There is so much driftwood on the beaches of Eklutna Lake. Wish I could bring all of it home with me! :-) We noticed that that water was so low! I know this lake supplies the Anchorage Bowl with water. While here during the summer with my daughter Marie, the lake was so high! This happens from melting snow, glaciers and rain during the summer. During the winter everything is frozen so the water level drops.

You can see the nice road in the park in this picture. I told my husband that of all the trails (deep-woods bogging trails) we have rode, I think this one is my favorite! It was pleasant. It is open all year and people can even use snowmachines during the winter! Very beautiful spot with all the mountains around and close up. I didn't do it yesterday, but there is a trail at the end of the road that one can walk to get close-up to a glacier.

While we slowly drove back out of the park, enjoying the scenery, we met the park ranger and he stopped to ask if we saw anyone racing up and down the river bed (illegal activity in a park). He said there was a report that two ATV's were seen racing on the river bed and when confronted about it they became "mouthy." We had not seen any racers out there but we definitely felt like we were guilty as charged just for being caught sitting on top of an ATV at the moment. Guilty until proven innocent. Another park ranger told us that he had our vehicle license numbers and we may be getting calls later in the week ---after they look at their cameras.

Whatever! Always someone somewhere trying to look bigger than they really are! I wonder if the tattletale was a disgruntled dusty bike rider?

We saw mountain sheep and I got this picture of a porcupine while we were up there as we drove out of the park. Doug stopped the truck at a safe place and I jumped out to get this picture. He was gently hissing at me. I wondered if that is what you call a having a hissy-fit.

Anyway, hope you had a great Mother's Day. I did!


Kerri said...

I've never seen a porcupine but I've felt the quills. I'm glad you didn't!

I'm glad you enjoyed your Mother's Day despite the snobby bike riders and accusing rangers.

I had a good Sunday.

Constance said...

I LOVE the term "hissy-fit"! My beloved Grandmas who lives in heaven with Jesus now, ALWAYS used that phrase! Your Mother's Day sounds lovely! Enjoying God's creation with people you love-it doesn't get any better than that!

I have to agree with your asessment on bike riders-as I've said before, they can really get on my nerves when they ride 4 abreast going down a major road! Of all times, it's usually on Sunday morning when we're on our way to church! I think it's one of the ways the devil tries to put me in a bad mood and test my Chrisitianity!!! Ha Ha!!!

akeskileut said...

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear connie marie,
Happy Birthday day to you!!!
Hope you had a wonderful day!

Constance said...

Was it your birthday? Yesterday (16th) was our daughter Laura's 19th birthday and tomorrow, (18th) is my stepdad's (POP) birthday!!

"Frohe Geburtstag!"

Connie Marie said...

Laura and I are birthday pals! Yes, I celebrated 52 years yesterday. It would have been a perfect day if only Baby Calvin did not fall against the wood stove :-( He has bad burns on the palms of both of his hands. Mom and Dad took him to emergency and he has two bandaged hands. Poor little one.

Frohe Geburtstag Laura! (I am assuming that means Happy Birthday!)

Constance said...

Poor Baby! I hope he heals fast!

And yes indeedee-It means Happy Birthday!

Jill said...


This post kind of bums me out. Just like anyone,, cyclists don't like to be lumped into one stereotype. We're not all snobby or trail hogs. I've always been a "can't we all just get along" shared-usage kind of a person. Most mountain cyclists understand that ATVs created a great many of the trails they use and enjoy (and, speaking for myself at least, we're grateful that you built them.) Still, on public land, anyone is entitled to use those trails that can do so legally. Because you travel on the fastest, heaviest machines, you're expected to give right of way to the slower folks - ATVs to cyclists, cyclists to horses, and horses to pedestrians (sometimes. There's arguement on this one.) It may be inconvenient sometimes, but it's the only way we can all safely use the trail. And if cyclists are regarding you rudely, it's because they probably have you, the ATV rider, lumped into an unfair stereotype.

Also - cute porcupine! I haven't seen one in Alaska yet.

Connie Marie said...

The porcupine was cute and I saw his/her quills all loaded and ready to poke! I was in pursuit of the picture when I got close enough to hear the hiss! I am glad she/he did not decide to challenge my boldness.

I guess I do sound a bit like I was lumping all bicyclists into the same lump. I am sorry.

I was bummed too when I typed out this post. I normally get bummed and don't say much, just this time, I thought I would voice my own bummed-ness.

Thanks for your comment. :-)