Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Bloody Diets!

From my kitchen of the recent (saturday) Point MacKenzie fire. This picture was taken while at 25 acres burning, jumped to 100 acres in one hour. Last I heard it was over 700 acres and still being fought. Thank the Lord for firefighters!

While listening to the radio we heard that if your diet corresponds to your blood type, you will lose weight easier and be healthier. I have never heard of that before, have you?

So I looked up the website, Point of View, for more information about that but I only found a book for sale. I am not ready to pay that much for it so I thought I would read about this idea online.

Supposedly, if you eat foods according to your blood type, you will lose weight and feel better. I am not even sure what my blood type is but I've also learned that you can buy a blood typing kit from the grocery/department stores (according to some websites). I may be AB. A universal receiver blood type. My husband is Type 'O', a universal giver blood type. (So like him!) Givers and takers. The blood banks always want his blood. Once when I was severely anemic, my doctor told me "even the blood banks would refuse your blood." More information on blood types.

This website dadamo.com lists bunches of foods and when you click on them says if it's neutral for your blood type or you should avoid it. I always thought chicken was good for me but if I am AB (not sure but I seem to remember being told that I was) I should not eat chicken. Beef is to be avoided. Lamb is partially beneficial. Oh my goodness! I am supposed to avoid salmon! Well, I think this needs much more evaluation.

Try this Blood Typing Game. Nobody will hire me. :-(

Nobel prize winner Karl Landsteiner, an Austrian Scientist, classified blood for the first time in the early 20th Century.

Our bodies are incredible! Just think what human bodies were like before sin came in and cursed everything up!

I like to read some NDE (Near Death Experience) stories. One NDE Website. They fill my mind with what it will be like when we die, but more importantly when God restores the world to the pre-fall condition it was meant to be in. I am longing for that day!

...The Pot Calling the Kettle Black

"You didn't close your eyes when I was praying!!"

"That means you didn't either, AJ!"

"I did too!
[closes one eye]
"I prayed like this and I saw your eyes were open!!" -A.J. (4 years old)


Constance said...

This is TOO weird!!! I read your post and decided to check out their website. I thought, "How interesting" and let it go at that. I decided to check my ITP site (which I haven't done in a couple of months) because Dave & I have talked about how I need to give thought to my diet and what foods I might try and what I might avoid. That book is listed now on their site!!! I just might seriously check it out now!

PS Going in for a platelet count this afternoon at the Texas Cancer Center. They upped my meds last week b/c of low numbers Grrrr!

Kerri said...

Awww, cute little dialogue at the end there! Reminds me of when my best friends baby sister was little...I'd catch her with her eyes open in church and pretend to be shocked. At the dinner after her wedding, I did the same thing and she got a good chuckle out of the memories it brought back. :o)

akeskileut said...

That is interesting diet..I don't know my blood type ,I'll have to find out before I check the site out.
Wow, Aj is already 4..times going by fast.:-)