Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Two-Sided Tooth Fairy Bag

This is a fun project I have been working on.

I thought it might be fun to create something to make Dad & Mom's job easier.

When my girls were young one of them asked me, "Mom, what does the toothfairy do with all the teeth she takes?"

Good question!

As the years passed and each one had to have teeth changed into money, the story was embellished until I finally was telling my five children this:

OH! Don't you know that the Toothfairy is very fashionable so she goes around looking for the prettiest, shiniest, whitest teeth for her dresses?

After a long night of hunting for little, loose teeth she loves to take colorful ribbons, attach the teeth on to them then sew them on to her gowns. She does not like ugly ol' rotten teeth (my sneaky attempt at making brushing teeth very important) and if you try to give her one she won't even bother with it.

Some night if you ever happen to wake up (which is very rare, she is so very good at being carefully quiet *big wink*) and catch her checking around your pillow for your nice lookin' tooth --- it maybe be because she woke you up with all those noisy teeth clicking around on her gown!

This is the bag I have designed, beaded and just finished ---last night! One side has a picture of the Tooth Fairy and the other a picture of a girl and boy holding up loose teeth and sporting a missing-toothed smile. It's meant to hold loose teeth which can then can be hung up in a very accessible spot ---thus making it easier on our beautiful *ah-hem* Tooth Fairy! *winkety wink wink wink!"

Now, where is Buser at?

Happy Birthday to you, Jen!


Constance said...

I absolutely love this piece! If you ever think of selling them, let me know. I have some grandkids in mind that could use these! Seriously!

Your story was great too. I've found over the years that the little teeth I had so diligently saved inside my jewelry box splinter into smaller pieces : (

My son Charles had so many cavaties with his baby teeth and got grounded from sweets so many times, I've lost count. Now as a 15 year old young man he has these incredibly white, straight, beautiful teeth! My oldest Jennifer is the same way! Poor Jessica had Beaver Teeth! She was in a ehadgear for 14 months and in braces over 3 years! Laura's are pretty straight but she has a "dead tooth" where she slammed her face into the wooden swing set at school! Ouch!

akeskileut said...

This is a cute necklace..:-)
Good job!

Kerri said...

You are one talented lady! I love your design and your story. :o)

BTW...all your *winks* brought back tons of Pogo memories! haha