Sunday, March 12, 2006

That Lost & Found Handlebar!

Driving home from church today we saw a dog sled truck go by and I felt like hollering to him, "Hey you are not supposed to be back here yet!" But I see there have been numerous scratches. There were a lot of rookies in the Iditarod race this year. 83 started the race.

When I walk my little dog to go potty and stand in the freezing wind I think about those brave sledders and am awed by their stamina. I have no desire what - so - ever to be out there flying through the snow! I applaud all of them, even the ones that had to scratch for one reason or another. Eleven so far have scratched from the race. God bless them all.

So, what's up with that Buser? Come on Buser, go, go, go! I tried to find the picture I have of my daughters Karla and Kim with Buser, but didn't find it. They were at a ball.. fancy gowns and all! They had a lot of fun. I believe they were raising funds for the Iditarod Race. If I ever find it I will post it.

Buser lost the handlebar on his sled in the crash but managed to jury-rig a repair and push on. Hours later, fatigued Iditarod rookie Bryan Bearss pulled into Cripple packing the handlebar for Buser's sled. "Yeah I saw that stump," Bearss said. "There was (debris) scattered all over the place. It looked like a sled junk yard."

"I've got (the handlebar) somewhere tucked inside my sled." ADN

Sounds like some troubles on the trail.

Not sure what this all means for Martin's chances to win. Never know, he still could surprise us! I bet he is still sporting that same winning smile!!

Many of the drivers have rested out their mandatory 24 hrs. I was happy to see Buser has his 24 and 8, just one mandatory 8 left for White Mountain.

I think the end of the race will be coming up really quick!


Constance said...

Hi Connie!
I have been checking updates on the race several times a day! At first I thought I should be rootin' for John Barron since he was born here in the "Lone Star State" (that old boy is a long way from home!) It looks like #9 is scratched though.

I got to read the "Back of the Pack" article on March 10th on the website and found out about Rachael Scdoris who is legally blind and her visual intrepeter, Iditarod veteran musher, Tim Osmar. I was SO impressed! It would take a moracle for her to win but that young gal has spunk! Here's her website address:

I read Buser's profile and can see whay he would certainly be a favorite, he seems to be a very likeable fellow!


Constance said...

I don't know what a "moracle" is, but I do know what a "miracle" is!

akeskileut said...

I'm not keeping up with the race. But I get some info from you..ty:-)
Have a good day!