Sunday, March 05, 2006

Iditarod Restart

The restart in Willow will begin today. It is probably going on right now. I won't be watching live, but will be keeping tabs online this year. I did a lot of reading yesterday about this years Iditarod news. Susan Butcher's leukemia and the groomer Richard Strick Jr. who got caught in the avalanche near Pass Fork in the Alaska Range was definitely heart wrenching. (Story of Strick)

I admire all the people behind the scenes for all the work they do in preparation for this Alaskan Dogsled race. I watched a video yesterday of those anxious dogs and they are incredible the way they want to just take off so badly! Yelping and jumping! That is so cool.

I guess my favorite racer is still Martin Buser most likely because he is from this area and especially because I just love that smile! Here is another picture of him from the internet with his family in 2003.

The Official Site of the Iditarod
Alaska Daily News Iditarod Photos GREAT PICTURES!
Cabela's Iditarod Coverage

Some people say these dogs are mistreated. I suppose there could be the few instances of that as it is in any other type of animal race. I don't believe the Iditarod dogs are mistreated. They are just too happy! SUNHUSKY.COM writes in response to sled dogs being mistreated.

Someday I will have my camera ready when I see the dogs running past our place here in Big Lake. They train all year and every time I see them they look just as excited and anxious to run faster! No, we don't have snow all year, we barely have enough snow to start the races here, during the summer the dogs around here pull atv's!

Now it's just about time to head out for church.

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Constance said...

I loved your entry today! I have long been fascinated by the Iditarod Race. I first heard of it about 20 years ago when e were living in Nebraska. Huskies and Malamutes have long been some of my favorite dogs (along with German Shepherds-real dogs I call these). Living in Texas with its heat and having no room to run has eliminated the possibility of getting a dog until we retire. Once that happens and we are on some acreage and no longer have Texas summers that last 7 months long, that'll be a different story.

Two weeks ago we saw "8 Below". I realize the story is loosly based on a real incident involving a Japanese team who had to leave their dogs behind. Out of 15 dogs they lost all but 2! Still, I like movies that entertain me and make me feel good and this one fit the bill. There's too much Hollywood Junk out there (just look at the top contender for Best Picture that wound up losing) so when something like this comes along, I usually enjoy it.

Hope Doug is doing better! Have a great week!