Saturday, March 25, 2006

Curses and Blessings

"You don't know anything!"

"You will never amount to anything"

"You are an idiot!"

"I wish you were never born!"

"You are ugly!"

"I hope you have a kid just like yourself!"

These according to Wellspring Ministries, are curses. The opposite of blessings. You all might have to put up with some of my thoughts still coming from the seminar that we attended in February. :-) Just skip this blog if you don't want to read about this.

Throughout the years I have heard words like these spoken by parents and sadly, I have said some of them myself. (I did not say my parents spoke all these words to me.) I am repeating some words learned from others talking about curses at the seminar too.

Definition of curse:
curse (noun)

  • a prayer or invocation for harm or injury to come upon one
  • something that is cursed or accursed
  • evil or misfortune that comes as if in response to imprecation(cursing) or as retribution
  • a cause of great harm or misfortune
  • "Like a fluttering sparrow or a darting swallow, an undeserved curse does not come to rest."Proverbs 26:2

    "For you know in your heart that many times you yourself have cursed others." Ecclesiastes 7:22

    It is sobering to learn that as parents/leaders/spouses we can bring down "great harm", "misfortune", or "injury" to our loved ones/friends by uttering mean words in retaliation during times when situations in our lives are not perfect.

    I have told myself to cover my mouth, to shut it, before saying anything hurtful. I did't realize the power of words, especially words spoken in anger. I never realized the readiness of the Evil One to work out those angry suggestions in my childrens/friends lives.

    I've asked God to forgive me, I have spoken sincerely to my children and others from my sorry heart and asked them to forgive me so this evil foothold can be removed from their lives and our relationship. I have also had to forgive myself for words I hurt others with.

    I believe the tactic the devil uses in so many homes throughout the ages is to "divide and conquer". First he divides our bonds of caring, love, trust and puts division, strife and hatred in it's place. Mistrust. Suspicious thoughts. He fills us with insecurities about our value to one another ---so much every new day that we begin to believe his lies!

    All lies I tell ya! Just stop in the middle of those feelings/thoughts and shout.... WHAT? That is NOT TRUE! Through the living blood of Jesus Christ you leave me now - you are a lying spirit! It will have to leave because of Jesus Christ, He gave us the victory!

    Now to blessing. The opposite of cursing is blessing.

    When we say things like, "you are doing well in school", "what a great job", "you are a good helper", "What a great uncle!" these are blessings. (Picture of Uncle Kris and Ashlee during a recent 4-wheeler/snowmachine ride).

    I have read different beautiful blessings in poetry form too.

    "God bless your heart."

    "God bless you!" (After sneezing!)

    "Be safe!"

    The definition of blessing (noun): (Both,curse and blessing definitions, are from Websters.)

  • the act or words of one that blesses
  • approval, encouragement
  • grace said at a meal
  • to hallow or consecrate by religious rite or word
  • a thing conducive to happiness or welfare
  • (verb)to speak well of
  • (verb)to confer prosperity or happiness upon
  • There is much more to what we say than we give credit for, especially when we are in a position of some influence in others lives. I need to learn how to bring blessings and not curses into others lives. This has been a great lesson for me.

    "Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse." Romans 12:14

    P.S. Much of what I say in my blog is said to Christians (but all are welcome to read). In order even understand God's words we need the Holy Spirit in our heart to help us. The Holy Spirit comes into our lives only after we believe that we are sinners and that God made the Way back to right standing with Him. We can only get to that place through the blood of Jesus Christ. One must believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God, repent and walk/talk with God. Then the Helper (Holy Spirit) is dispatched into our own spiritual warzones and His control begins in our heart and lives, rather than the control the Evil spirit has had since Adam and Eve fell in the Garden of Eden. Why blood? It is so disgusting! That is a whole other topic.

    I hope you have a very good day and that your heart can understand God's love for you and your family today. That is a blessing from my heart to you! :-)


    akeskileut said...

    ty..enjoyed the post.
    Thanks for the blessings. You have a good day! Love and Hugs!
    I'm busy knitting scarves.

    Connie Marie said...

    Sounds like fun! Stick some beads in them! :-)

    Kerri said...

    I would never skip one of your blogs! :o)

    Thanks for sharing, Connie. Your words are always a blessing to those of us lucky enough to know where to come read them! *hugs*

    Constance said...

    Blessings to you and your family, my new blogger "pen pal". The power of the blood of Christ is more than an old time hymn! It's real and it's available for all of us who call Him Lord & Savior!

    dinaAZ said...

    {{{{{{{{{{Connie}}}}}}}}} God bless you so BIG for posting blessings vs curses!
    We need to be reminded that what we say to our loved ones matters! What a blessing it is to me to find
    Christians in my 'home' chat room! God bless you and yours!
    Lovingly, dina® =) xoxoxo

    Connie Marie said...

    Hey ((((((((dina)))))))))) the mischief one!

    Ohhhhh... I better be careful what I name you! lol

    (((((dina, my friend!)))))