Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Please Be Mine, Valentine!

I remember those very decorated Valentine boxes, in school, with the slot at the top. I also remember the gobs of red and white construction paper we used to make each other Valentine's Day cards.

Big red hearts with little white hearts.
Hearts with popping out hearts.
Hearts with cut-out hearts.
Hearts with doors that unfolded to show "please be mine" notes.
By the end of the day --tired hands made messy hearts covered with paste.

It was such fun to have a valentine delivered to my desk on Valentine's Day. Even the messy ones were hoarded in my Valentine Friend's pile of hearts.

Secret admirer Valentine's were stuck into coat pockets when no one was looking, of course! One day, even I found one in my pocket! As I looked around, every smile immediately belonged to an admiring suspect.

Years later, my special Valentine came into my life. He's the one with those popcorn-spilling, egg-dropping kisses! The Valentine that took the sparkles from my eyes and put them on my finger! Lovely, candy-filled boxes then became standard Valentine's Day treats.

With kisses and hugs and more, along came five pairs of eyes which sparkled when they gave me my carefully made "Mommy, Please Be My Valentine".

My kids brought store-bought Valentine's to school and now some of them have little ones of their own.

Our grandson AJ (almost four years) has been considering marriage. He asked his Mom if he could marry her. She said, "Your Dad already married me." He was very disappointed. One day soon after that, he was sitting at my table eating his favorite, cookies. (The way to a man's heart....) As he ate he stopped to ask me, "Grammaloo? Are you married?" "Yup, I am married to Gramppa." "MAN!"

Foiled again!

Well, I hope that the sweetheart in your life has made this day as sweet for you as you have made it for your sweetheart!


akeskileut said...

Happy Valentine's Day,Sis.
I so enjoyed your entry..:-)
Love you Sis!

Kerri said...

Awww, what sweet and precious memories!

The kids at our school had their parties today. I swear the halls smelled like they were painted with sugar! Things haven't changed much. They still make their own Valentines and Valentine boxes.

How cute is your grandson? :o)

Sammi said...

Today is the first I have read your blog in a couple of weeks. Obviously I missed your wonderful Valentine's Day.