Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I walked outside (last night) to take Chewy for his last rest stop. He did his business and we hurried back to the porch. Now I notice big ol' moose tracks along side the sidewalk! Yikes! So glad we did not meet up with a moose. Moose encounters are not something I want to end my day with. If I had my camera... maybe!

Earlier, I had heard Chewy begin to gruff and then bark. I didn't go to the window to look because he tends to cry wolf. His barks have come to mean ... maybe, maybe not and more likely not to whatever he may be seeing through his fur covered eyes. Now if I went to look this time I would have enjoyed seeing a moose right outside my living room window!

I swept the floor for the second time today (wood chips on the floor and little hairy Chewy feet scatter them all over the floor). As I worked I listened to the news on Alaska's Gospel Voice Radio Station - KAGV 1110 AM and I heard something like this:

Enviromental watchdogs are working to keep oil drilling off of our beaches. Spokesperson: "This is a never-ending threat when people out there are working to keep drilling for oil." (All reworded by me, it's not exact, but you get the idea.)

I can never figure out people who do this. Is there an alternative to using oil?

I wonder how they got to work today? Horse? Dogsled? Stagecoach?

People who are fighting to keep our lands "pristine" don't they use the same methods we use to heat their homes? Go to work? Come home from work? Recreation....? Or do they know something that they are not sharing with the rest of us?

I know there are ways we all should practice to be more responsible and not waste fossil fuels since once it is gone that will be all that there is. Oil is not going to reproduce itself and make more for the next generations.

Wood. A wonderful renewable resource! We need to figure out how to run a car on a log! I bet it is possible with today's technology.

How about those old shoes hiding in the closet?

"Got any old shoes we can use in the car, Mom? We want to go to the Mall."

Now I'm thinking about my son-in-law Chris' shoes. Nice big ol' shoes ----probably can run a car for several days with those two!

Tires. Trash. Grind it up, use it all for fuel. I believe that there already are home heaters that may be set to use trash for heat, but I didn't look it up.

I think concerned citizens that are out there crying wolf should have to present an alternative to our troubles before they spout off to lock up our beaches and our tundras.

What will all the people "addicted to oil" use in our cars, boats, cruise ships, freight trucks, jet planes, trains, snowmachines, ATV's, RV's.... what will we all do when there isn't any oil to run in them ---because we are not drilling. Not drilling so that we can protect the beaches? Beaches that we won't even be able to drive to ---or travel to ----because we had no fuel to drive to work!

...hmmm? hah?

So many questions about that and so many other things today.

Aren't you glad that we pray as Jesus taught us to "...thy will be done on earth as it is Heaven"? I am!

I believe that God knows about all these things that bother us. He is never surprised when calamity strikes. I believe this old world will continue on just as He has planned. When He wills it, we all will come together in His presence ---the good and the bad (and even the ugly, hehe). We ALL will see Him just as He is. When we finally see Him we shall surely remember all things we believed or didn't believe about Him ---on this dying earth.

"Immediately the father of the child cried out and said with tears, "Lord, I believe; help my unbelief!"" Mark 9:24


akeskileut said...

I got some laughs from this. The Lord has the finally say on what happens and like you said He is never surprised..He is a wonderful God!

mrsjojo said...

I have a comment on those big ole shoes-the fragrance emitted from those ought to fuel something at least!!! :)

Actually I was thinking the samething this am about those who are so against the drilling in Ak. How do they get to work etc? When I see them walking, riding a bike, horseback, etc to work or play then I will listen. In other words, put their money where their mouths are.

Praise God He's coming soon!

Constance said...

Another good use for those shoes: BEAR REPELLANT!! When our son was about 11 he had the stinkiest feet on the planet! Dave banned his shoes from coming inside the tent while we were on vacation! Another repellant: marshmallows stuck to your neighbors tent-but that'a whole blog unto itself!

In Texas, oil is definitely a huge commodity! We have drilling all around us on vacant land. I heard one lady had 3 wells on her property and each one brings in $60,000 a month! Do the math, that's a nice cash flow!

Connie Marie said...

Can't wait to hear about the marshmallow repellant!

lol about the shoe comments! I guess we all have memories in that department!

I about fainted one day when I thought I smelled something horrible in my dining area and when I saw a sports bag there, I opened it up and without thinking bent over and took a BIG whiff!

Oh my goodness! I think I even felt myself falling over from the fumes, had to catch myself on the table! My son Klint's basketball shoes had been zipped up in the bag and ---I could still smell them!!!! lol