Monday, February 27, 2006

Cracked Ribs, Forgiveness & Healing

I have been busy and away from home during these Fur Rondy days. One of the Fur Rondy Events we went to during the past week was the Native Crafts Show at the Diamond Mall. So many crafty women there! (And men.) It's a great place to find native crafted art, jewelry, and clothing and a nice break from winter to wander around looking and visiting. Beautiful stuff there!

We had a long week of meetings to attend starting Friday the 17th. On Sunday while we were at home for one day my husband Doug went riding with Klint, Calli and Kris. They found some "powder" and were doing whatever it is that they do on the snow machines when Doug's flipped over and most likely landed on top of him before rolling away. The result was some cracked ribs.

He came home on Sunday and said, "I think I hurt my back."

Doug has always been active, and very self-sufficient. He works hard and is happiest working very hard. He is physically fit and would never let me lift anything heavy or cumbersome, (if he was around). As I have watched him hobble around I had to cry. Back problems are things that one does not get over very quickly, if at all. Doug has always had a strong back and I struggle with mine (twins, lifting bigger rocks than myself...when Doug was not looking). Watching him move with such effort has been hard for me to see.

The meetings that began on Monday, I thought they would be canceled until he could get around easier ---but NOPE. Off we went on Monday to the evening Anchorage Native Musicale being sponsored by Anchorage Native New Life Fellowship. He was in constant pain but kept saying he felt better doing something than to just sit at home.

That whole day Doug would not let me carry his bass guitar (very heavy in case) no matter how much I protested and told him that I should and could carry that. He said, "No Connie, it's too heavy." So, slowly we would head inside or outside.

The next morning we left early to get to the morning Native Leadership Gathering sessions. The meetings were put on by Wellspring Ministries and they were excellent. The topic was interesting so any hope of not going to the rest of the morning meetings was lost after going to the first one!

By Wednesday Doug agreed to let me carry his bass along with my computer bag and the projector for the PowerPoint Show that I ran at the Musicale. I think after this he started to look straighter.

The week is gone, the weekend too and this Monday morning, I am still tired. I told myself as I rolled over and went back to sleep, it's my healing time. I slept until 8:40 a.m. which is a long time for me!

During the Leadership sessions we heard some very good stuff. Stuff about forgiveness and how it heals our bodies to let go of past hurts and to forgive others even when we don't want to. When we forgive even when we don't want to, our hearts are freed from the strongholds we have allowed the Evil One to have a foothold in our minds and hearts then we are healed. In the place of unforgiveness God puts in joy and peace.

When we are full of joy and peace we are happy. When we are happy, even cracked ribs heal faster!

It's so good to be home.


akeskileut said...

It was a good week of meetings. Sorry to hear about Doug,now that the meetings are over hope he heals fast..keeping him in our prayers. I didn't really get to look at all the crafts. Maybe we will get to the Sears Mall and check out some crafts. Have a good week!

Deborah Lynn said...

Oh man, that's not a good thing to have happened. Tell him that we said we hope he heals well, and fast, and that Chad and myself will be praying for strength for the both of you, strength for him to get tasks done safely, and strength for you .. *it is hard seeing your husband walking around not as strongly, I'd agree, not too fun to see.* I hope you have a good week.

Deborah Lynn

Kerri said...

I know exactly how you feel. When Michael dislocated his shoulder a couple years ago, I think I cried more than he did. It's so frustrating to know that someone you love is in pain and you can't do anything (mostly because they won't let you) to help them.

Forgiveness is something I've been dealing with lately. Trying to come to terms with the circumstances of my move and being willing to forgive my uncle has been difficult. With a lot of prayer and soul searching, I'm on my way.

I'm so glad you enjoyed the musicale! Your sister has talked about it in the past I think it would be great to have the chance to attend one of these years.

Kerri said...

Hahaha! You are so funny...even if I can't read blogs, I still get my comments in e-mail! :o)

But the phone company is going to hook me up tomorrow so as long as I can find a place to put my computer, I'll be back online tomorrow. *hugs*

Constance said...

Hi there! Long time no post. The Rondy looked like it was fun (I clicked on the link). Hopefully, Doug's back is on the mend. Last year after having my spleen out, I experienced for the first time ever, severe back pain. You never realize what your back does, how it supports the rest of your body and works so hard, until you've injured it. That was 6 weeks of pain that I never want to experience again!

Forgiveness is crucial to our emotional well-being. When we've been wronged or hurt, the human tendency is to lash out, stew over offenses and dwell on our right to be angry or hurt. The last thing we want to do is forgive. Jerry Bridges, author of "The Pursuit of Godliness" puts it into perspective. When we realize the overwhelming offenses we commit against God time and time again, yet HIS mercy and forgiveness is endless, we are called to forgive others in light of HIS great love. When we least feel like it we are still called to forgive. It's a decision of the will. I remember how Samuel told King Saul that "Obedience is better than sacrifice". It's amazing how we decide to forgive even when we don't feel forgiving and God takes care of the rest! I've even found myself moved to compassion and sorrow for the one who hurt me!