Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Moose are normally loners but have been passing through this area in herd-like numbers! One day we watched eleven moose meander through here. We usually see a cow and a calf or a cow with several calves, but not in large numbers. Although, during this time of the year we have counted over a hundred moose congregated on the Palmer Hay Flats before. I guess it's their Annual Moose Convention.

I felt sorry for them when it was -30 f. I suppose those heavy coats of theirs work well at keeping out the cold and keeping in the warmth. With the temperatures at 35 f here I am sure they are feeling very cozy right now.

I have wondered what draws them to the Palmer Hay Flats during this time of the year (normally so cold). Maybe the muskrats sulfur-smelling bye bye-products create heat while decomposing. ? :-)

When you drive into Anchorage you can look out across the Flats and see their mounds or push-ups of dirt and hay. They do that to keep their winter tunnels open through the icy surfaces.

We still have a long way until we truely have a spring meltdown but it close! I am looking forward to more sun, longer days and warmer weather.

I hope that you find the weather station I just added to the blog helpful. It is updated by Wunderground.com every so often and the time changes then too. The time is not current. I am not sure how often the temperature is updated, maybe every half an hour.

I found a Webcam right down the street from us! It's on Hawk Lane and the Parks Hwy. It is on the road that goes to Houston High School. Other Cams can be viewed at the Alaska Traffic Reports.


Kerri said...

The wind has finally calmed down a bit. Hopefully I'll be able to sleep tonight. If I can keep from sneezing myself awake, that is. heehee

This has been a crazy winter as far as weather so I'm finding that even I can't wait for spring this year.

akeskileut said...

Wow, you guys get alot of moose coming thru.
Is it windy your way too?

Connie Marie said...

It is quite windy. Two feet of snow in Girdwood! Avalanche! Sounds too scary.