Sunday, December 04, 2005

The Wreath Party

Wreath I made at Kar's wreath partyThis wreath was made using a wire frame. The spruce limbs were harvested by Karla's husband Chris.

We wired short pieces (6 to 10 inches) to the frame. I made sure I used gloves this time, since the last several times working with the pokey needles made me get itchy. It was MUCH easier on the skin and fingernails!

After completely covering the frame with spruce I added other evergreens to the wreath then wired on the bow and the sparkly decorations then sprayed it with fake snow.

Now it is hanging on the front porch.... a whispering picture of God's gift of eternity, well... eternity will be a gift only if you go to Heaven!

The night of the party (friday) the roads got a bit slick and it was lightly snowing. Some of the invited guests called to say they could not make it for that reason.

While she was on her way home from work my daughter slid part-way into the ditch. She has four-wheel drive but could not quite climb back on to the road. She tried to rock the car back and forth but finally called me to come and get her. By the time I got to her, she said that a kind man had helped her out.

She also told me that four guys stopped to ask if she needed help before I saw her and she was just right down the road a little bit! (Not a long drive away.) Two of those persons drove past her, turned around, came back, to be certain that she was okay. I was very encouraged to know that we still can see chivalry on our streets in Houston, Alaska.

Just in case you forgot what it means:

knightly skill
gallant or distinguished gentlemen
the system, spirit, or customs of medieval knighthood
the qualities (as bravery, honor, protection of the weak, and generous treatment of foes) of the ideal knight
chivalrous conduct
Hip-hip-hooray for chivalry!

Chivalry is alive and well in Alaska least it is in our neck of the toolies!


akeskileut said...

Wow your wreath looks beautiful. I'm glad someone came to her rescue. I bet the cookies were yummy!

Kerri said...

What a gorgeous wreath!

One time Michael and I stopped to be good samaritans, it ended up backfiring on us and we were worse off than the gal we tried to help. That's not to say we wouldn't do it again. In fact, we have already. Of course, this is a small town where we all know each other. It's nice to know it happens elsewhere as well.