Friday, December 30, 2005

I'm Done!

Doug's Guitar StrapWell, at least with the beadwork!

I am very happy about this progress. So far I have glued the beadwork to a piece of thin leather and it's drying tonight.

I will attach it to Doug's bass guitar strap. I wanted to add a border of beads to it, but I will wait and see what it looks like attached and complete first.

This stupid blog editor bugs me so much! Oh well, you can see the pictures and see the words, I will be happy with that and go to bed!

I will post a final picture after this project is done.

Have a happy day!


akeskileut said...

Wow,that looks so nice!! You did a good job.

Connie Marie said...

Thanks Mil, I just had to reglue some of the edges. I also trimmed the leather so that it is straight now. I am apprehensive about how well the whole thing will hold together. I guess it will be fine, this is my first time gluing to leather. I hope when Doug starts playing really hot bass it does not just pop off!

akeskileut said...

hehe..tell him not to get to wild on the your beading doesn't fall off..:-) If he did,then you would have to run up and grab it and say.."Ai yi ya,see what you did to my beading"..hehehe!!

Constance said...

That is beautiful as well as amazing! You should post pics of your other stuff! How neat for Doug that you're able to create something like that for him. The best I did for Dave was a cross-stitch pillow with a mushy sentiment and a crocheted afghan!

SuzyQ said...

Hi Connie Marie,
You did a wonderful job! You can tack the edges down with a simple whip stitch using only the exposed edge threads (don't use the beads, as this will distort your beadwork). The best method would be to pierce your leather between two beads with the needle near the inside of the edge thread; then push your needle to the outside edge of the thread and come up, exiting the leather. Go over to the next set of beads and repeat. As you repeat this along the beadwork, you will be tacking down only the thread with minimal visibility. Try not to pierce your edge thread. This will ensure that the piece stays on securely. Try it without sewing your thread end in, that way you can pull it out if you don't like it. A size 10 needle would probably work best. I've done this with my bracelets and it works very nicely. You can then use the thread to add a picot edging for a lovely finish. If you have questions, email me!
Good luck and Congratulations!

Connie Marie said...

Thanks for the advice, SuzyQ.

Constance, I have done cross-stitch & crocheted too and the work is not anything to sneeze at! I am sure it means so much to Dave. Curious about the mushy sentiment though! (???)