Wednesday, December 21, 2005

His Name Is Jesus

"Glory to God in the highest,
And on earth peace, goodwill toward men!"
Luke 2:14

The last few posts were a sad attempt at trying to present a picture of a very dark world. Then a tiny light (Jesus) that draws your attention with it's shine. And the light also give a hint (cross)of the death that this Babe would die someday.

I was in the template messing around with all that code, when I noticed things beginning to move around and change on the webpage. I got out of there before I messed this up so bad I would not be able to get back!

I wanted to show pure darkness, which would represent the world before Christ. Today, we live in a world that is ruled by the Prince of Darkness. This prince continues to do all he can to slander the name of the Person he hates so much, Jesus Christ. He especially wants to blind the spiritual eyes of the whole world, keeping people from seeing the gift ---Christ's salvation out of spiritual darkness.

Back in the days when I was busy with running kids to games, practices, having birthday parties and sleep overs, we were at Colony Middle School and the wind, (which gets really bad there sometimes in the winter), blew something too hard and all the lights went out. Suddenly it was so dark!

The emergency lights came on. That was enough to take us to the doors safely. I counted heads (five of them) and when I knew all the kids were with me, we headed out the door into the pitch black darkness.

I can remember how dark it was and trying to see. I was also trying to figure out- where in the world did I park and are we even walking in the right direction? Just when I was thinking this might take awhile, someone across the parking lot turned on their headlights.

Everyone's eyes immediately turned towards the light. I heard a lot of loud sighs and laughing as people struggled against the wind. After we got our bearings and turned in the right direction we all walked to our cars in that light. Soon other drivers had turned on their lights too.

Light is incredible. It is something we can easily take for granted.

Jesus said that He is the Light of the World.

We who know Him can also shine as lights in a very dark place as He is reflected in our lives. Even a feeble light can still light the way for those stumbling around in the dark.


Merry Christmas to every one of you that stops by here. I pray that your Christmas is filled with His Bright presence.

Happy birthday, Jesus. I love you, only because You loved me first and came as a Babe to thwart the plans the evil one had for my eternity... I am so thankful.

Yippeee! Winter solstice today! Look out Spring! Here we come! (I am very optimistic on this day.)


akeskileut said...

I like your post and I'm very thankful that He came down to earth so we can have life eternal. All because of Him..Thank you Jesus for loving me.:-)
Merry Christmas to you and your family. I remember you telling that story.

Debbie said...

Man, I really love reading your posts, how you tie His word in with stories, to relate/ paint a picture of similar stories in your own experiences. I think it's great! :) Merry Christmas to you all, from us "east coasters"..hehehe. :)


Constance said...

I especially liked your comment, "Even a feeble light can light the way for those stumbling around in the darkness".

So many times I beat myself up (actually it's Satan who makes me feel this way) that I'm not a good enough Christian to be of any use to God. If there's anything that Satan wants, it's an ineffective Believer. We're no threat to him and his evil plans whatsoever! If he can make us believe that we are hypocrites and nothing but failures, he's won a major offensive.

I have to remind myself that even my feeble light can be a "beacon" for someone who is lost in total darkness. In the book of Revelation it speaks of those being cast out into outer darkness. Could there be anything more hopeless than being out in utter darkness and never being in the Light? Thank You Jesus for being "The true light that gives light to every man" (John 1:9).

Merry Christmas Connie Marie, I hope and pray your family has a most blessed Christmas and a Joyous New Year!

Connie Hopkins said...

Jesus - Savior, Christ, and Lord

I'm amazed with all the names/titles of Jesus. In the first few sentences introducing Jesus' birth to the shepherds, he was called by three names in the same sentence.


Connie Marie said...

The feeble light reminds me of another story-example.

We have the priviledge of our closest neighbors being our oldest son and his wife. We can see when they get home during the dark winter evenings by the light at their cabin.

Sometimes with just a glance you will assume that they are not at home because it is dark over there, but my daughter Marie pointed out to me that "if you look really long" you can see a light on over there. lol

I think many times as followers of Christ, our light is very dim. I know that my life has not always displayed the Light in my heart. Nevertheless, however dim our light may be, it is still light and that light comes from the Lord.

As we look at him, like Moses, the light gets stronger. It only takes our gazing at Him for that to happen. Going to church, helping the poor, evangelizing the world, etc. is not what makes that Light stronger, those are activities resulting from looking at Jesus.

Merry Christmas, everyone... & Deborah Lynn!