Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Happy Christmas Fido!

Now here is something for that dog for Christmas. NOT! But if it's out there I suppose there are a lot of people willing to give the money for this gadget. It's a phone that you can call when you lose your dog. It even has gps in it.
"PetCell is a cellphone specifically designed for pets that comes with its own dedicated phone number. You can call the number, enter a code, and connect to your mutt to talk to him/her. The PetCell also features GPS for tracking your pooch and will support a wireless camera for checking in on him." Gizmodo

This blog has been having problems the last few days, anyone else notice? Strange! I could not see the blog for a whole day, but I could go to the Dashboard! Then I could not see other friends Blogs too. Now, this editing program seems to have some problems! I hope it all gets fixed soon. Maybe Blogger is doing updates???

The weather here has warmed up so much. Now it is 30 f ! The snow is drippy and the icy snow is sliding off of the roof! It can be deadly when it slides off of the roof like that. I am always glad no one is here, especially the grandkids when that decides to go! I tried to shovel that up, but it's going to take this ol' Gramma a while to get that done. Maybe... days! :-D

Back to that doggy phone. I call my dog and leave a message on the answering machine sometimes when we are gone a while. I say something like, "ChewChew? Be a good boy! I will be right back, ok?" When I get home I play it back and he runs over and sits down below the phone and listens!

My big dog, Chevy would totally scratch that thing off of his neck, and who knows whose phone number he would dial while he was scratching! I can imagine, people getting phone calls that go something like this someday:

Ring! Ring! (Or maybe a cool song or laughing little critters, whatever ringtones you use!)


Scritch, scritch!


Snuffle, snuffle!



"Alright Mister! I hear you! You better hang up now or I will have this call traced and you will be in big doodoo bub!"



Sit! BooBoo! Sit!


akeskileut said...

That would be something if that happen. The dog making a phone!
That is cute you leaving a message for your dog and he listens to it..hehe!

Kerri said...

How funny! If I had one, maybe I wouldn't have lost Bud. :o(

I haven't had any problems with your blog lately. I had a problem with someone else's last night. I got a 404 error and panicked. But a short while later it worked again. Are you still having problems with mine?

Connie Marie said...

No. It's not bouncing around anymore. :-| hmmm... strange

I think Blogger is doing something.