Friday, October 07, 2005

Granddaughter Number Two

Grandkids are fun, I've heard that many times. I have taken a deep sigh occasionally when all of them end up here with just me to care for them because I am not quite sure if I can say that and really mean it. BUT... Grandkid's ARE fun when ONE comes to visit! At least the visit I had with my five year old granddaughter, Ashlee has been so far. Her Mom and Dad are off enjoying each other and celebrating an Anniversary they didn't take the time to do when it was the actual date. (In June.) I think it may also be a celebration of selling their home too. It finally sold and closed and it's a house in the past now. Anyway, back to my visit. Ashlee and I decided to go fishing after she got here yesterday. We had a bit of a snack before just so she didn't get hungry before I baked the pizza's we found in the freezer before we left. I hunted around the garage for the tackle box I have not touched all summer except to move it out of the way here and there. We could not find it so we pulled out a big ol' fishing rod with a big ol' fishing lure on it. Pulled off the dried-on fish eggs (one on each prong) and then headed for the dock. I didn't think we would get anything but I knew she would love being down there, looking into the water and playing with the dogs. We stood on the dock and took turns 'holding' the rod. "Your turn to hold it Grammaloo." It was sort of heavy for her and even for me. I cast the lure out as far as I could several times and thought I felt a nibble, but decided it must be the grass in the lake, which I was noticing ----seems to be a lot of grass out there! I was wondering about the grass and sort of watching the lure come spinning in when I saw two salmon chasing! I said, "LOOK ASHLEE!" She looked and we watched the two salmon chase the crazy big lure and then one took off and BIT it! I was told that they don't bite once they get into the fresh water! I was also told that if one does get a hook in the mouth of a salmon in freshwater, it's just an accident. But this guy... BIT! No bait either. "Oh man!" I thought, "Shoot! I don't want a big ol' spawning salmon!" It was pretty, but definitely red. I kept thinking of the words I had heard just a few days earlier, "those salmon are really good when you get them red like that". (For drying.) I finally got the hook out of the mouth and told Ashlee, "I don't want it." She says, "WHY? I love fish!" I said, "You and I can't eat that whole thing!" She says, "You can eat half and I will eat half." I leaned my head and looked at her. She smiled. So I put it back in the water and I held it as I swished it forward and backward until his gulps got strong again. We watched as it slowly swam off. "Awwwwwww...... ". Ashlee was so sad. Anyway, that was fun. We got a big fish but we did like my son in law does. Catch and release. Next time I am going to filet it and hang it on my front deck for everyone to see. Dummook.... dried fish. I love dried fish too! Ashlee slept with me in MY bed last night. I don't normally allow it but I thought, well, I let her older sister sleep with me once and I know that is why she wanted to sleep with me too. Okay, you can sleep in my bed. So I had a few heels in my back last night, but the sleep was pretty good anyway and she is happy she got to sleep with Grammaloo too! (Gramppa is away at work, two weeks away, two weeks home schedule.) Today we walked to the Point, then made lunch, then did a t-shirt her Aunt Marie bought for her to do. Iron-on transfers. I was sweating up a storm! She directed where each patch should be and I stuck them there with a hot iron. Right now she is asleep. We read books and she got sleepy and fell asleep. So did I. I am running out of things to do... maybe Mom will be here pretty soon... I think she just woke up.

P.S. No time to check for blatant errors... !


akeskileut said...

Aaaaaaah sounds like you had a good time with your granddaughter and her with you!...the grandkids are a joy:-)I like dummock too..with seal oil..yum!

Kerri said...

How exciting to catch a fish! I love dried fish...with ooligan grease, though. I've never tried seal oil.

I'm glad you are enjoying Ashlee. It sounds like she's keeping you extremely busy!

Constance said...

I enjoyed reading about your visit with your grand-daughter. I get to have our 3 year old, Miss Jacey-Beth every Tuesday while Jessica is in school. I thoroughly enjoy being a grandma or "Gigi" as the kids call me. We don't get to Steven's little girl, Gabriella very often, (on his weekends, we will sometimes get to). Our oldest daughter Jennifer lives 10 hours away back home in Missouri so I get to see Alyson even less (boo-hoo). It's a challenge to try and stay connected with them when they're so young and aren't with you very much. I will get to take care of her for a whole week in February in Jenn has the baby. Which, is going to be another grand-daughter! My son is bummed, he was hoping for a nephew this time. He has 3 older sisiters and now 4 nieces. He's just aching for a little boy that he can interact with!