Monday, July 07, 2014

Summer 2014

We have had some nice weather and it was too dry but then we had rain and now we have partly sunny skies so we have had a pretty nice summer so far.

We drove up to north for the Nenana Gospel Music Fest which Doug participated in with a group that is now called True North. It was very hot there and with that comes many big bugs! Yeck! The day we came home we had 93 degrees fahrenheit. I had to write that out because I forgot how to do the alt+number to get the degree sign. (If you don't use it---it gets lost somewhere up in that dark cavity.) Anyway, summer is going here in Alaska.

Our garden is producing radishes but nothing else! What's up with that? grrrr. 

My little dog was lost... but now he is found. :-)  Oh boy. That is such a troubling time when some little critter that you love is lost!!!  He is so small I can imaging all sorts of horrid things happening to him. Foxes. Eagles. Other big dogs. Wolves. Bears. Big mosquitoes sucking him to death! Yes, I have a wild and vivid imagination and most of the time it causes grief... not only for me but for the ones I love. :-P

I hope your summer, or winter is going well so far.