Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Run! Moto Run!

Picture of Moto as he swam along side the paddle boat.

Our dog Moto, which just this morning I thought to myself I may change his name to "Rambo" for he is so rambunctious, came crashing up on to the back deck and slammed himself into the door. I was reading when he did that and I thought, was that someone on the deck, or was that an earthquake? Chewy and I watched the door.

Then crash bang again and I could see the porch swing swinging thru the window. I got up and peeked out. There was Moto, crawling along under the porch swing, panting away like crazy. I watched as he squeezed himself up between the swing and the railing.

What IS he doing? I went to the door to ask him when I saw him running past the window. By the time I got outside I only saw his tail going around the side of the house. I ran to the front door and called him. He came running, occasionally biting his back legs as he came.

I thought, "OH NO! He must be shot!" I saw my old dog Chevy coming up the hill, he was panting too! Moto had left him way behind from where ever it was that they had been and he only then had got home behind him.

I began to examine Moto who had the whole time had been going in circles on the deck biting at his haunches. THEN I saw the wasps!!!!!! OH MY WORD! This Grammaloo gave up all noble ideas of helping her tormented dog and ran inside, slamming the door on the poor Moto who tried to run in right behind her!!!! :-D

From my own safe vantage point I called to Doug (on his Tuesday working from home day) and he hurried to help Moto. It turned out there were like two or three wasps that must have clung to Moto continuing to sting him as he ran!

It's AG now. I am sure Moto is still feeling the effects of those awful wasps. He is quietly hiding under the front porch right now and I am wondering where those nasty wasps have decided to nest!


Marie VW said...

oh my goodness poor moto!

Constance said...

I feel his pain believe me. I posted about Fire Ants today! Ha Ha!

Joy said...

Oh your poor dog :(
We have those up here in Ohio but our real problems are the hornets!! I hope your poor Motto recovers.