Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I've had continuing problems with my email account for as long as I can remember. It can go on for days without a hitch, then one day I get error messages saying my ISP does not accept my password. So it does not work for hours.

I call our ISP, they say it's a problem in my settings.(????grrr) So we go through the settings. They click on a MAGIC RESET HER EMAIL button every time because then it works again ---- for a while. Then sure as I have to breath to live, my mail goes down. I just got in the habit of waiting a few hours because by then it will be back.

Yesterday, Doug called our ISP because of a change coming down the line and they said that we needed to do some manual changes. While he had them on the line he told them to talk to me about my email problem. GRRRR. Again? So I talked to them.

The technician looked at our account and asked, what is your user name? I told him. "I don't see your email address, tell me again your user name..." (!!!) "Strange, there isn't an email address in your account like that." He went on to tell me that there is another account with that email address and her name is Laura.

HOW CAN IT BE? I've been getting mail via that account... (on and off) for years! How can we both get email with the same user name for years?

He put me on hold. When he got back on the line he was bold enough to tell me that I won't ever have that problem again. (Okay, yes sir.) Doug spoke with him again and asked how I could get email if my email was not on our account? He said, he didn't know and that my account was just floating around out there in eLa-La-Land and somehow getting my email to me anyway. (!!!!!!)

So! If you've written to me and I've received it, consider it all eJoy because it's been an ongoing eMiracle for us to even eCommunicate!


Faith said... amazes me how some technicians can be so ridiculous. LIke when we had a power outage and after the power came back on the internet was still down. I called the support phone number and the technician actually asked me Did you go to our online service first? WHAT??!! HOW CAN I WHEN THE INTERNET IS DOWN?? DUH. makes me wonder.....!! glad you are back with your email! thanks for your tip regarding my ceramic pot!!

Jettie said...

That is soo wierd!! Love those tecs!! Our house phone wasn't working so after a few hours of it not working I called in on my Cell phone....When I said to the tech our home phone is not working..there's no dial tone..he said " how did you call here if your phone isn't working mam?" how funny was that!! Isaid my cell phone all he said was oohh sorry mam!!

e-Mom said...

Yikes! Technical problems are always SO annonying. Thankfully, my DH and my son are tech-savvy and can come to my aid quickly. :~D

mrsjojo said...

I feel the pain!!
It's amazing what can happen "out there". :)

Proud mommy of four said...

My goodness that must have been so annoying. I am glad it is fixed, for good I hope?
God bless

PS Thank you for your wonderful comments on my blog. You are so sweet.