Monday, October 27, 2008


As I sat down to read in James this morning I remembered what I heard Saturday night at a singspiration meeting in Anchorage. Some of Alaska's Natives (and others I suppose) believe that the King James Bible version was written by James (James, Jesus half-brother who penned the epistle James), therefore they wrongly believe the mistruth that since James wrote the King James version it is the only right and true Bible version.

Mistruth. You know what that word means? I tried to look it up, it's not in the dictionary. Haha!

But mistruth is listed with other words that have their meanings changed by the prefix mis.
1 a: badly : wrongly (misjudge) b: unfavorably (misesteem) c: in a suspicious manner (misdoubt)
2: bad : wrong (misdeed)
3: opposite or lack of (mistrust)
4: not (misknow)

One can say that mistruth is - bad truth, wrong truth, unfavorable truth, suspicious truth, lack of truth, not truth. ?

Like all of USA (and via the internet much of the world!) I've been seeing too many TV political commercials and much of it is MISTRUTH! I don't believe everything... and I consider the source!

ai yi ya.

I did vote early, so I cannot be swayed anymore! ha I wish the political commercials were over now!

I will be winging my way to Hawaii soon. I think it might be hard "to keep oneself unspotted" on the beach! But you know what? Sand is such a hard thing to avoid there. Sand. Sand. Sand. Warm, beautiful sand. Sand between the toes, sand on the knees, sand in the shorts.... I am looking forward to this sandy problem! (I know it's not the same as what James was talking about.)

James said, "to keep oneself unspotted from the world." What does that mean? Unspotted from the world?



Well, hello. Hope this finds you doing very well. I guess if you are going to be going to Hawaii soon you can't be

As you know because you have known me for a while, you know that I believe that the King James Version 1611 is the true Word of God to the English speaking people. It is the one that He inspired and the One He Keeps. My belief. I do not believe that it was written by James.

I believe that "to keep onself unspotted from the world" mean we are to keep ourselves morally clean. We can only do this through the power that we have by Jesus living in our hearts and lives. You are right, like the sand on the beach, we are in the world but the Bible says we are not of the world, it is hard very hard,to do this because like the sand there is sin everywhere in the world, but not impossible in this world with Jesus as our Lord.

Have a good time in Hawaii and give me a thought while you are connie from texas

e-Mom said...

I've never heard that some Christians believe that James, Jesus' half-brother wrote the King James version of the Bible. How interesting! The KJV is beautiful, but I prefer more modern versions like the NIV, NASB, and the ESV.

Enjoy your trip to Hawaii, Connie Marie. Which island? Bring back LOTS of photos, OK? Aloha!!!!

Constance said...

I was wondering when you leave! I thought maybe you had already but I know you'd never leave without saying good-bye first! Tee-hee!

I too have early voted as has Dave and Charles will go in tomorrow since he has early release. His Voter's Registration card just cam in the mail! He was the driving force to get himself registered in time.

I know where you're coming from about Bible translations. Any of the Bible teachers I have read/studied/heard all say the same thing,

Use different translations to supplement each other.

The Living Bible is good but it won't give you the word study to dig deeper. I enjoy the Amplified becasue sometimes the wording touches me right where I need it.

With all of the junk in the world, you'd think Christians would pool their energies fighting the devil rather than one another! Seems like that's what the devil is after!

Happy Tuesday!

Jettie said...

You know I too will be glad when this election is done. i hate all the verbal abuse that goes on!!

Faith said...

I have never heard of people saying it was James, the brother of Jesus who wrote the KJVersion. interesting.
I like the version but I much prefer to read from the NIV or the NEW King James version. One of my favorite Bibles is "The Soul Care Bible" (NKJV) for people who counsel or are leaders of a small group.

Have a great time in Hawaii!!!!
TOday we are getting our first wet snow. It is melting as it hits the ground but....seems like autumn is coming to a close here in NYS

elizabeth embracing life said...

Unspotted from the stay hidden away...shhh, don't let anyone know I was here I don't want to be spotted. Nah...really, as an earlier comment said I do believe it means to be as pure as we can, leaving that of the world to sit far far away from us, as not to spill into our lives and spot us.

Kerri said...

I may have forgotten my blog for a while, but I haven't forgotten YOU! :o) Are you off in Hawaii already? If you are, I hope you are enjoying the sun!


Just came by to check and see if you were back home yet? I miss you, but sure do hope you are having lots and lots of fun. connie from Texas

Connie Marie said...

I'm back and thanks for all the comments about Hawaii. I did enjoy my time there a lot! I mostly went for the heat, Alaska didn't get much this past summer.

It was a dark and dismal day on election day - even while in Hawaii! As you probably know, I didn't vote for Obama.

It's good to be back, but we still have a long, dark winter a head of us in more ways than one I am sure.