Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Nothing New But...

"Governor Palin: An American Woman," which aired last Saturday on Fox News, was the highest-rated prime-time documentary in the network's history, with 2.7 million viewers. ALASKA EAR

This morning my son Kris called and asked me to find out what lastbridgetonowhere.com was about. "Why?" I asked him. "I want to know if they are FOR or AGAINST Palin. There are signs hanging on the bridges everywhere." So I Googled it. It's a new book out about the corruption stuff going on in Alaska's politics."

Corruption and politics - - - so what is new?

But...my Mom had a dentist appointment yesterday so we did that, had lunch, then visited with Millie. Before heading back to the "Great Valley" (despite media negativism about our Wasilla we still consider our Valley home GREAT) Mom spent part of her PFD on a brand-new, Lazy Boy, leather recliner for her bedroom ---- so she has a new chair!

Millie continues to slowly recover. She has not spoken a word to us yet but in her eyes, we can see --- her. She raises her arms, she turns her head when we ask her to "Look!", but not too much was new with Millie yesterday. We all love seeing a bit of her when she does decide to look out at us.

How about the nine-year-old girl who helped her Momma deliver her new baby boy??? BRAVO! BRAVO! Jaidan Lujan!

What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun. Ecclesiastes 1:9


e-Mom said...

Oh, boy you're really busy! Good to catch up with you. It's nice to have a little news about Millie.

Take it easy my friend!


Mam said...

I always enjoy your posts so much! Always a good word.
We are planning our exit from Ohio at present, and our return home to Alaska. We are looking at Southeast this time because of the better weather. I'd like to have a decent growing season. It'll be a while yet, but we are getting ready. Yippee!