Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Alaska's Own Sweetheart

Baby Palin and her Mom. (Picture found online.)

Alaska's Governor Sarah Palin.

As we watched Sarah give her VP acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention - we could not help but be touched many times. Maybe because we know her, maybe because she is one of Alaska's own, or maybe just because of the sweetheart that she is ---we all feel a close bond to McCain's choice for a running mate tonight.

I was especially touched when she spoke of her special needs baby -Trig- and the connection that having had a baby born with Downs syndrome created -to all those in the USA who also have a special needs child. We all laughed when her youngest daughter Piper rubbed on Trig's hair after licking her own hand, and then we wondered where Piper had learned to straighten Trig's hair that way - Mom? Dad? We wiped away tears when she spoke of and to Tom Moe, blowing him a thank-you kiss. Tom Moe, the POW in North Vietnam who McCain would smile at then give the thumbs-up sign to before passing his cell after his daily interrogations.

As the story is told, "When McCain shuffled back from torturous interrogations, he would turn toward Moe's door and flash a grin and thumbs up" - as if to say, "We're going to pull through this." My fellow Americans, that is the kind of man America needs to see us through these next four years.

My family and myself continue to be impressed with our beautiful, hometown girl getting nominated to go all the way down to Washington D.C.! Her speech today was great.

e-Mom emailed to ask me a few questions about Sarah. Visit her site if you would like to read that interview.

Check out Meghan McCain's blog here!

Do you see a man skilled in his work? He will serve before kings; he will not serve before obscure men. Proverbs 22:29


Constance said...

When Your Governor was chosen by McCain last week, I was speaking with my Mom on the phone and she was all excited!!! When Dave came home from work I was the one who told him the news. I was able to share a bit about her since I had become acquainted with her through you! Flash forward to last night...

She did a great job at the RNC, she handled herself really well! I think I am FINALLY interested in this upcoming election! Before it was more of a vote AGAINST Obama rather than FOR McCain!

Thanks for sharing her with the rest of us!


Seen on a bumper sticker:

"I'm Republican because we can't ALL be on welfare!"

e-Mom said...

Well, Connie Marie, you're certainly "sharing Alaska." Like Constance, I first became acquainted with Sarah Palin through your blog. And now she's stepped onto the national stage! Isn't life full of surprises?

Thanks again for your thoughts at Crysalis. Hugs 'n blessings, e-Mom

Mam said...

Hi, Connie Marie,
We shared your emotional responses to Sarah's speech. We all had lumps in our throats many times throughout. We are so proud and so hopeful about this special pair of people that God has given us to lead our country.
Thanks for all the input and info on your site as well.

Jettie said...

I share your same feelings!! Sarah has so much emotion when she speaks I am 110% sure it comes from her heart!! Becuse of her I think we will get to see more and learn more about who Mcain is!!
I would of never voted for him before!!! And to see how much her family means to her..well that really resignats to me!!
I know I laughed too.. that was cute her taking care of theat little Trig!!! what proud parents they must be!!

Jettie said...

Someone I love needs your words of Love stop over!

Faith said...

saw your interview at emoms...good job!

mrsjojo said...

Sarah did a fabulous job on her speech to the convention!! I was so touched by seeing little Piper play with the baby's hair!! It was the ultimate family affair!

Your little Chevy sure is entertaining.

MomEee said...

Thank you for your kind words on my blog...I have so enjoyed perusing yours! My family has found Sarah Palin to be incredibly easy to adopt into our hearts! We're so excited! Thanks for the "home" information on them!