Saturday, July 19, 2008

I'm Longing For Jesus, Alaska Freedom Band

Alaska's traveling worship team. I've decided that is the best description of the band that Doug plays his bass guitar for. It consists of my oldest brother Don, a high school friend named Steve, my brother-in-law Adam (Millie's husband) and my own Dougie. My other brother Toby used to sing with them but does not now, maybe in time he will be able to sing with them again.

AFB practices every week after working. When they get invited, they will travel to villages and towns where they will perform as a worship team for the weekend. They usually sing as a group but also do solo's and duets. Many times AFB will involve the church members that they are visiting so that not only are the isolated Christian's refreshed, but so are the guys!

I've traveled with the bunch before to different places like Homer, Iliamna, Pedro Bay, Huslia, Egegik, Naknek. One place AFB is sure to sing is at the fairly new gospel music event held in the MatSu Valley - Howling Huskies Gospel Festival (coming up in August). I've sang with them and with Doug. If I must say so myself... AFB is popular with the Native people's of Alaska! They are! Most Native's of Alaska love country gospel!

Via a good friend AFB was able to record a CD. He brought over his portable recording equipment one day and they recorded a casual disc full of music. I took one of my own favorite songs and added some of my own video and photos to it to create this video.

I hope you listen but mostly, I hope that you ENJOY it! I worked long time on it!

The video I took of the new baby loon here at Twin Lake, the first baby loon we've seen in a few years! The local eagle is trying every day, many times a day to steal this little one away! A few days ago while my granddaughters were with me we were on the back deck hollering at the eagle, GO AWAY! GO AWAY! He was bound and determined to eat loon for din-din! We were so relieved when we saw my son Klint come zooming out as fast as he could in our paddle boat to chase away the eagle! Saved for another day. The rest of the video is of the resident muskrat... he is not so beautiful, but he is cute! He was peeking at Doug and I behind the lily pads! I've seen those darn eagles carry off muskrats from the lake too! Life in nature is HARD on animals!

Bookmark Alaska Freedom Band's YouTube account that I just created for them and also check out their Alaska Freedom Band's MySpace to hear a few more songs from that CD.


e-Mom said...

Loved this Connie Marie. I didn't know Doug was a musician. Great upbeat music... and super photos. You live in a beautiful place. The loon calls are COOL!

Marie VW said...

Good Job mom! Great pictures and the timing with the music was perfect.

mrsjojo said...

Bravo, Bravo!!! Great job Connie. I liked how you were able to have the sounds of the loons while the music was playing. Beautiful video and the song was music to my ears-come quickly Lord Jesus!!