Friday, July 25, 2008

Can You Imagine - Noah!

Noah's Ark Replica Image.

I have three dogs, and I get overwhelmed when my puppy won't respect my clean home! ha Imagine Noah, as I have! Thanks to (my other Texas friend) - Sandi for sharing this weblink. Welcome to the homepage of Noah’s Ark, build in Schagen, the Netherlands!

I was impressed with the replica of Noah's ark where one can now visit and imagine what it was like to be the caretakers of all animals created in the world! Can you imagine... worrying about these animals getting sick and dying, when they were the only pair (some more than a pair) left after the flood? ha

He sees it as his task to bring the Bible story back to people's attention through the Ark replica. I want to let visitors visualize what the Ark looked like to bring the account closer to those who believe but also to those who don't.
My job with my own doggies has seemingly become a picnic for me after seeing this website and thinking of caring for so many animals at once! I just had to share! See more photos of the handmade ark.


Faith said...

This was very interesting!!

e-Mom said...

This is totally awesome Connie Marie. Thanks for the links to the replica of Noah's Ark. You always have the most interesting things to click through to... :~D

Can you imagine tending all those animals? They must have been under God's special care and supervision during that time. Even with the help of his family members, how could Noah have done it all? Blows me away to think about. I'd love to visit this museum some day. Thanks again!!!