Tuesday, June 17, 2008


We were in Anchor Point for another Motocross State Race. Klint, # 212 ran his quad and did quite well - after he and Doug figured out what was wrong with his quad. (A switch in the handle that kept shutting down his machine.) The quitting engine is not a good thing to have happen --- especially right in the middle of a high flying jump. Check with MX ALASKA for the latest results.

Sadly we lost a racer this past weekend at the Homer Racing Lion's race track. Luke Mrugala, # 294, ran a Kawasaki in the 85 Novice class and was only 13. Our hearts go out to his family, his brother who also races (# 292), and his friends that he made at the race track.

I have experienced sudden fears which my heart does not know how to respond to when an accident like this almost happens and in this case did happen. Of course I sympathize with his parents, but I wonder how sound the decision to even race is. I have watched my own sons out on the track and I've asked myself repeatedly "How crazy it this to race around so fast? What if one of them got hurt badly?" To think of an accident like what Luke Mrugala had is something most racing Mom's and Dad's don't want to even imagine. Yet, it does happen and did this weekend.

The motto of VE Racing is to "Have Fun! Be Safe!" - at times like this it seems grossly inadequate to protect my sons from the dangers they face - on every race day. My sons are grown - so ultimately to ride like the raging wind is their choice. Even though it is ---I'm still their Mom and those questions won't go away.


Constance said...

What a sad story, only 13 years old! I did however think that giving the trophy and the earnings to the fmily was a classy thing to do.

Life is filled with risks. I remember some people being critical of Laura and Dave going sky-diving 2 years ago. I remember thinking how we get into our cars every day and we don't think twice about it. We're much more likely to be hurt or killed driving to work or the store, some place close Than in a sky-diving accident, plane crash or moto cross event. I might have had that rationale but it didn't stop me from feeling helpless and vulnerable while Charlie and I waited for Dave and Laura down below.

It's already mid-June! We're gearing up for our annual Family Reunion back in St Louis on the 4th of July. After that I am going to Niagra Falls with dave for a couple of days while he's at a RR convention. 2 weeks later we're heading to Ontario for a week at a cabin with our best friends and some of our family. We'll get home and in just a couple of weeks, Charlie will be back in school! Summer will be gone before I know it! Too bad it's still hot into October!

Have a blessed day!

Faith said...

I'll say prayer for that boy's family.

Life is just full of risks though.
I don't believe the Lord would want us hiding in a little bubble though.
I used to get annoyed with my mom for questioning my allowing the oldest to do equestrian sports (riding, jumping, showing). Yes she fell off the horses. Alot! and yes she got right back on. NO, she did not ever get seriously injured. She could have . I like to think that it was because of my praying that she was never seriously hurt. BUT....life IS risky. I say we use wisdom with the brain God gave us. I mean I wouldn 't let my 9 yr old right now do water ski-ing. She hasn't even passed level 4 swimming class yet. BUT..I do let her dive and kayak. I think we just have to enjoy life and not worry and then pray....and care and support families who do face tragedy.


I am so sad for the family of the young boy. I have had the same fears,Connie Marie concerning my Grandson. He is seventeen and is riding bulls. To me it seems such a needless chance to take. I pray for his safety and that is all that I can do. I am a very cautious person so I tend not to understand this chance taking but it is not my life nor am I his parents. I just pray God always watches out over all our children and Grandchildren. I have to leave it in His hands. connie from Texas

Connie Marie said...

Thahks for your comments ladies. It is true that there are so many other ways that we all get to meet our Creator, but I guess when I have questions, I am not unlike any other Mom or Grandmother. We just all want to live forever and make sure that our families do too, but until then... What a hope we have as Christian's... an eternal life, secured through the death and resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ!

TJ said...

I will say a prayer for his family! I admit that I am in the way of allowing my daughter to learn how to ride. She doesn't listen well, and isn't mature enough, so I refuse to let my hubby take her out. Actually we ended up selling her 50 so now she can't learn for several more years.

Thanks for sharing your parenting milestone story. Makes me feel good knowing other moms have dealt with the same thing.

Mam said...

What a terrible thing to happen. I don't think I could watch my kids doing that. I guess it is a rare occurrence, but still. As long as our children are in God's hands everything else is OK. It can happen anywhere, any time.
I guess that was Ray Arno who was quoted. Homer is our home town and we knew him for many years. Glad to hear he is still out and about and ministering.

Farrah said...

I totally understand where you're coming from. Thank the Lord, my son isn't a risk taker by nature, nor my husband. We can't even get our son to do things that are pretty safe like riding the roller coaster.

I must admit, it really doesn't make sense to my hubby and me why a parent would want to do a high risk sport like racing or climbing Mt. Everest. To us, the risk isn't worth chancing a kid growing up without his daddy or mommy.