Thursday, May 22, 2008

Once Again... Examining My Heart

A few posts back I mentioned John MacArthur's teaching on Matthew 7. I listened to this guy who also is teaching from Matthew 7 and wanted to share it here. According to the note with this video at GodTube, he was never invited back. What I found to be the truth is that we have become so thin skinned that we cannot take rebuke, yet many times others can see in us actions and reactions that are not Godly, and we should be ready to listen when a Christian brother or sister mentions our fault to us.

I know that in my own life I see discrepancies in how I live, saying, doing or watching things that God hates and in the next breath speaking words of Life. I want to be transformed and renewed. I want Christ to be comfortable in my life.

One thing about my walk today is that my sins are not chronic, at least that I know of. I pray that I will become more and more like my Savior so that I won't be ashamed to stand before Him on that beautiful Someday in the future. May God strengthen me to stand up for what is right in each hour.

Listen and examine your own heart, life, fruits.


MammyT said...

I love what you said about wanting HIm to be comfortable in your life. Me too. Thank you for caring about me, "Piglet". May God bless you and all you care about.


Dear Connie Marie, I had seen this eariler this week on another bloggers site. This is the kind of preaching I hear in my church all the time. It is truth and not always easy to tell. But I love the truth. God bless you, I want to put this on my blog if I can figure out how to put it own there. thank you, connie from Texas

hashbrowns said...

excellent sermon. thank you for finding it.


Jettie said...

wow!! I think you have fewer sins than you think!!

elizabeth embracing life said...

Wow!! Thanks for sharing.